Topic: Rena’s Demise by Kathy Berger-Sewell

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I am sickened by what has happened, but feel the ship is not to blame, people are.

Man’s stupidity ended your reign

on the watery realm.

Slashed by a reef you flounder as your

toxic bleeding escapes and destroys.

Ebony ooze infects the sea, and land as

wildlife struggles and many fail to survive

 in abscess slime.

Island rocks covered with black scabbed infection

and no resurrection for Rena.

You are not to blame for death and destruction,

you are merely a vessel entrusted to humans.

Heart ache and emotions rife as many toil

to clean and save land and life.

Who will care for you, dear Rena?

There is no hope, no quick fix

no stitches to close your gaping wound.

For the sea, the land, wildlife and you

must pay the price with sad demise,

while I for one will mourn for you.

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