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A poem about the Rena Oil Disaster by Ferne (aged 8): We are very much a beach family and during the summer we spend lots of time down at the beach. Ferne loves to body board in the waves and make sand castles, while her younger brother Max, loves it when his Poppa brings the surf caster. I love surfing all year round, and my wife enjoys early morning walks along the beach. As the news of Rena unfolded, we could not believe this was happening on our door step. It was devastating and we could not begin to think of how this would affect our beach and the wider community. It’s not just this summer that will be lost but a lot of business the holidays bring into Papamoa and Mount Maunganui will also be lost. It is an absolute shame this type of disaster could happen, given the level of sea navigating technology available today, though I guess nothing is fool proof.

Oil is gooey squashy and black

It is not good for our sea creatures

And our beautiful beach smells like diesel

Everyone is going to miss their summer.

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