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Arthur Morrow was born in County Longford, Ireland, the fifth son of Mr. Hugh and Eliza Morrow, he arrived in Auckland in 1861.

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Born: 1842 in Ireland County Longford.
Died: 30th August 1937 (2/8273).
Father: Hugh Morrow (ne Morragh) (1806-1871)
Mother: Eliza Bole (1813-1892)
Arrived in Auckland: June 1861 aboard the barque Mersey
Occupations Initially in the Waste Lands Dept (predecessor to Survey Dept) remained in Civil Service for 47 years. Soldier.
Married: Mariamne Harris Buckland (1855-1957) on June 27 1877 at St Sepulchres Church on Symonds Street, Auckland.
Children: Mary Evelyn Morrow (1878-1969), Arthur Wellesley Morrow (1880-1880), Alfred James Fitzroy Morrow (1884-1960).

1/2 length portrait of Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Morrow.
Also featured in supplement to the Auckland Weekly News 11 May 190, page 1 .

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19000511-1-5

Military Record (2/8273)

Digitised by New Zealand Archives (online here).
Details of War Service: New Zealand War (1863-5). Present at Wairoa Redoubt and Stockade and attack on native settlement at Otau, Wairoa.

  1. 15 May 1863-1864, Royal Coy Auckland Rifle Vols
  2. 1864 transferred to No. 4 Coy Auckland Rifle Vols
  3. August 31 1866 - Appointed Ensign
  4. February 7 1868 - promoted Lieutenant
  5. May 4 1871 - promoted Captain
  6. Transferred to No 3 company June 16 1874
  7. August 26 1878 - promoted Major
  8. December 31 1882 - placed on Honorary Unattached List, N.Z. Vol
  9. December 30 1889 - transferred to Unattached Active List
  10. April 25 1896 - re-transferred to Honorary Unattached List, N.Z. Vol
  11. April 16 1904 - Posted to retired list

Decorations and medals awarded:

On November 16, 1922, concern about uniform and new rules caused the well retired Arthur to write to the “Brigadier General in Charge of Administration” to present his case for permission to wear on public occasions the uniform he was accustomed to wearing (letter within his Military Record).

Having reference to your letter of 16th June ulto. informing me that my name appears on the New Zealand Army Retired List, and of the practice to be observed as to wearing uniform with exceptions as to Staff distinctions.

Permit me to observe that when in command as Captain of one of the Companies of the Auckland Rifle Brigade I received my commission as Major, dated 28th August 1878, being subsequently posted, - vide paragraphs 256 and 257 of the Defence Act 1866 - as one of the District Staff Officers for Auckland, serving afterwards on the staff of the late Colonel Shepherd, that of Colonel Goring, of Colonel Davies, of Colonel Wolfe, and Lieut Colonel White as officers commanding Auckland District, and had the honor in my position of D.A.A.G of this District to command the troops -some 300 officers non-coms, and men- comprising the Escort of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales - now His Majesty King George V -during his visit to Rotorua, for which I received his personal appreciative thanks, and that of his Excellency the Governor, the Earl of Ranfurly.

I was permitted to wear my staff uniform during the periods in the New Zealand Command, of the late Colonel Pole-Renton R.A., also of Colonel Fox R.A., Major General Babington and Lieut.General Sir Alexr. J. Godley C.B. K.C.M.G. - the latter officer through Colonel Wolfe subsequently requesting me to produce my maps, and drawings in connection with a military paper on Defence, - which I read before General Babington and the Garrison Officers for his inspection at the northern Club, upon examination of which he expressed his high commendation, saying in the presence of his Staff Officer - Captn. Spencer Smith R.A,- “The maps are most valuable, and I am greatly obliged for what you have shown me this morning. You have given me an insight into my business in this District of which I had no conception”, he then asked me to leave them in order that he might show them to Colonel Burnett Stewart, Director of Military operations, whom he said, would be pleased to see them, adding “Sometime on one of my next visits to Auckland, I will set apart an evening for yourself, to read your Military Paper, and produce these maps and drawings &c. and you shall have the Governor there, as His Excellency would be very pleased to see what you have shown me this morning.” This however was frustrated by the outbreak of the late War.

I may mention that upon the last change of uniforms, my late brother and I, made inquiries at the Defence Office, as to whether it would effect us, and other officers of the “King’s Empire Veterans”, and received the reply, “Certainly not, just go on as you are”, and this was never in any way questioned until now. My late brother Hony. Colonel R.B. Morrow - retired list - who served on the Staff of one of the Viceroys of India, always wore his staff uniform, without question, when in command of the Kings Empire Veterans, I being his Staff Officer - an Hon. Res. Corps Sec.6 (a) Defence Act 1909.

I must now ask you to pardon a slight digression. Having at an Academy in Dublin read successfully for the Royal Marine Artillery, but unfortunately missing a commission through having passed the age limit, I afterwards came to Auckland and signed on the Military Establishment on 16th May 1863, serving, through the Maori War, on detachment, at intervals with 1st Battn. H.M. 12th Regt. 2nd Battn. 18th Royal Irish Regt. 43rd Lt. Infantry, 65th Regt. and Hd. Quarters Battn. H.M. 70th Regt. Major Mulock’s Flying Column - for which I was awarded the N.Z. War Medal, and subsequently the V.D. and officers long service decorations. I received the thanks of the British Inventions Committee on three occasions during the late War, and also the thanks - by command - of the British Army Council, for suggestions respecting espionage by Foreigners, of Harbours, Dockyard Magazines &c. being informed that my suggestions were given effect to, and being one of New Zealand’s Champion shots, on six occasions, I offered my services gratuitously to assist in Musketry Instruction, having had much experience in that respect.

I am now in my 81st year and would esteem it a favor to be still permitted to wear my staff undress uniform, and although yet keen upon ‘playing the game’, I think it would be inadvisable to incur the expense of a new uniform at my age, having had two serious illnesses, and respectfully ask your favorable re-consideration in my case, being the last of the old staff after over 59 years service, for which I would feel greatly obliged.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient servant,
Lieut. Colonel Staff retd.

On December 5th “in view of your long and useful service”, permission was given to wear the uniform he was given at retirement as long as no staff distinctions were worn.

Section of the flagpole from Galloway Redoubt
Showing a section of the flagpole from Galloway Redoubt, cut out of Thorps Bush and erected under the supervision of Ensign Morrow
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-1335

Drawing of the settlers’ stockade on McNicols farm at Wairoa South…1863?
The Settler’ Stockade at Wairoa South , scene of an attack on 15 September, 1863. Based on a sketch by Liet. Col A. Morrow (ensign in the Auckland Rifle Volunteers at the time).

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-1336

Drawing of the camp of the Flying Column…1863
Drawing by Arthur Morrow showing the camp of the Flying Column: headquarters of the 70th Regiment, Pitt’s Militia and Rifle Volunteers in the Wairoa and Maraetai districts, 1863

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-1339

Galloway Redoubt, Wairoa South…1863
An unsigned drawing by Arthur Morrow of the Galloway Redoubt, Wairoa South, now Clevedon

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-1333

Digitized print titled “Grandfather (Col A Morrow) on steps at Simla”

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 646-500

Digitised print “Family Group”
Group portrait in a bush or garden setting, back row (from left to right): Geoffrey Fairfield, Mrs Mariamne Morrow, Colonel Arthur Morrow, front row: Katie Morrow Burgess, Doris Fairfield, Mary Evelyn Fairfield?

Governor General John Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe
With the king’s Veterans: His Excellency shaking hands with Colonel Morrow.

Taken from the supplement to the Auckland Weekly News 6 November 1924 p050

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19241106-50-2

Other yet to be digitised resources at Auckland Libraries

Death notice and obituary Records

New Zealand Herald, August 31, 1937
“MORROW. — On August 30, at his residence. Simla, 33 Almorah Road, (Colonel) Arthur, dearly-beloved husband of Mariamne Morrow, in his 95th year. Private Internment to-day (Tuesday), at 2 p.m., and service at St. Mark’s Church, Remuera.”

The Dominion, August 31, 1937.
“Colonel Arthur Morrow, a veteran of the Maori wars, who was in his ninety-fifth year, died at his residence in Epson yesterday, and Auckland Press Association message states. When the expedition of the Auckland Rifle Volunteers went to Wairoa South in 1863, Colonel Morrow was an ensign. Afterward he had a distinguished military career. He was born in County Longford, Ireland, and was the fifth son of Mr. Hugh Morrow, formerly of the British Ordance Department. He arrived in Auckland in 1861.”
From a fragment pasted into his Military Record

Auckland City Libraries manuscript number: NZMS 1137

Author: Morrow family

Title: Papers.

Time period: 1856-1963

General: The photographs have been transferred to the Photographs Collection. Collection ID: 646.
Physical description: 2 boxes
Collection: New Zealand manuscripts
Finding aid: Inventory 76


The collection consists of personal papers, documents, family history, ephemera, interests and photographs relevant to Arthur Morrow, his wife Mariamne Morrow (nee Buckland) and their family and relatives


The Collection consists of personal papers, documents, family history, ephemera, interests and photographs relevant to Arthur Morrow, his wife Mariamne Morrow, (Née Buckland) and their family and relatives Index of Collection filed in two boxes and some separate folders.

Box 1

  1. Folder 1 Military Matters
  2. Folder 2 Military & Police History of the Family
  3. Folder 3 Early Maori Contacts
  4. Folder 4 Defence of Auckland
  5. Folder 5 Maritime Matters
  6. Folder 6 Gunnery Invention
  7. Folder 7 Family Records, Correspondence & Memorabilia
  8. Folder 8 Correspondence
  9. Folder 9 Newspaper Clippings
  10. Folder 10 Ephemera
  11. Folder 11 Memorabilia. Folder
    11A Property & Financial Papers

Box 2

  1. Folder 12 Miscellaneous Fragile Items
  2. Folder 13 French Exercise Book
  3. Folder 14 Album & Small Book Separate Folders
  4. Folder 15 Certificates
  5. Folder 16 Passports
  6. Folder 17 Map of the ‘Town of Newmarket’
  7. Folder 18 Certificate and Will
  8. Folder 19 Poetry
  9. Folder 20 List of 409 Photographs from the Morrow Collection held in the Special Collections’ Photographic Library.

Detailed inventory

Box 1

Folder No. 1

Military Matters

  • 21.07.1909 Itemised Price List R.H.A Officers’ Uniforms (Royal Horse Artillery) from Hobson and Sons of London
  • 06.10.1909 Quotations for Silver Laces from the Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Of Christchurch (with samples)
  • 06.12.1911 ‘Secret and Immediate’ communication to Lieut. Colonel Morrow to Enquire as to availability to take on censorship role in time of war. With envelope and annotations of efforts to reply
  • 14.06.1914 Letter from Lord Kitchener’s agent accepting patronage of the King’s Empire Veterans
  • 06.09.1914 Letter from Lord Roberts on receipt of King’s Empire veterans badge. (Samples of ribbons from Indian campaigns enclosed)
  • 12.10.1915 A/C for items bought of Hobson and Sons to the amount of £2.12.0 (in triplicate) with accompanying letter
  • 15.09.1916 Letter on behalf of the Governor re the wearing of Military decorations April 1920 Presentation scroll for the Prince of Wales from the Empire Veterans
  • 04.06.1923 Programme for a Complimentary luncheon given to the King’s Empire Veterans
  • Two Cards with Badges of various Orders

Examples of campaign ribbons with a résumé of services rendered to various members of the Royal Family in India and in New Zealand. Ribbon for North West Frontier, Indian Mutiny, Proclamation of Victoria as Empress of India, King Edward’s Coronation, Musketry Award, Badge of King’s Empire Veterans and two different ribbons for King George with relevant notes.

Folder No. 2

Military and Police History of the Family


  1. Official certificate appointing Robert Bole Morrow, Gentleman, as an Ensign in the 46th Regiment of Foot. Signed by Her Majesty’s Command


  1. Report of the death of John Morrow, serving Police Officer, who died in N.S.W. ( and copy)


  1. Note of the gift to Geoffrey Fairfiled on his 12th Birthday of the revolver which had belonged to his uncle, Inspector John Morrow. (Gifted to Auckland War Memorial Museum in April 1977)


  1. Extract from the Journal of the House of Representatives, expressing “very high appreciation of the services rendered by the N.Z. Volunteer Force” sent to Colonel Morrow, V.D. (two copies)


  1. Copy of the official record of the award of the Victoria Cross to the late Private Robert Morrow, 1st Battalion Princess Victoria’s Royal Irish Fusiliers (two copies) Award of the Medal of St George (3rd class) from the Emperor (sic) of Russia to Private Robert Morrow Short resume of Private Morrow’s life


  1. In Memoriam card for Private Arthur Alexander Burgess, son of Mr & Mrs W.A. Burgess, killed in France
  2. Page from The Cyclopedia of New Zealand with an entry and photograph outlining the life of Major Arthur Morrow up to the year 1900

Jan 1901

  1. Illustration of the Campbell Champion Challenge Belt, an award for marksmanship won by Lieutenant Arthur Morrow on three occasions in 1866, 1867 & 1868. Sent to Capt. Morrow by Eogan Campbell
  2. Certificate for Military Pension of £3 beginning 1st November 1913 for Colonel Arthur Morrow. Payment stamps on back
  3. Torn section of a letter from the Lieut. Colonel Staff N.Z. forces, Ret. (context unclear)
Folder No. 3

Early Maori Contacts


  1. Letter with an invitation to be present at the unveiling of the Orakau Pa Monument at Te Awamutu on April 1st 1914. Includes the envelope (incorrectly addressed) with half penny green stamp of Edward VII, Dominion of NZ


  1. Reminiscences of early Auckland from June 1861 written at ‘Simla’. Pages 1 – 3 separate, 4 – 6 pasted together as one
  2. Orakau Pa record noted as a ‘true extract’ & signed by Arthur Morrow as a Lieutenant Colonel
  3. Note headed – “1861 – 1864 At the Time of Gate Pa” part typed, part hand written & with a photocopy showing a building in Shortland Street
  4. Note of the origin of the name of Galloway Redoubt, intended for the Governor General


  1. Letter from the Turnbull Library requesting further information about a wooden memorial


  1. Letter to Turnbull Library re the Galloway Redoubt


  1. Letter from the Te Akarana Maori Association to the Editor, Polynesian Journal, Wellington
  2. A story about the spring at the foot of Mount Eden/Maugawhau, in Water Street
  3. Two pages, no date, headed “Part of the Late Rev. W. Lawrey’s Experience in the Maori Weslyan Mission Fields” 05.05.1953
  4. Letter to G.G. Fairfield from the Collector of Customs re the find of a Maori Canoe
“My first Impressions of the Old Fortress” - probably by Geoffrey Fairfield
Folder No. 4
  1. Defence of Auckland A Paper prepared by Arthur Morrow on the vulnerability of the area of Auckland to military attack and his proposals for its defence. Presented to an audience addressed as ‘Your Excellencies, Mr President, General —- and Gentlemen. ’
Draft of a letter written from ‘Simla’ to the Governor General about the July 1933 paper entitled ‘A possible attack upon Auckland’ which had been already presented and discussing further possible presentations.
Folder No. 5
Maritime Matters
Instructions issued by Lieut. J.M. Jackson, R.N. of the Hydrographic Department in London for the continuing of his work in plotting the soundings and coastline of the Auckland Harbour. The instructions were set to Colonel Morrow & Mr Plummer. (No Date)


  • Letter from the Master of the SS Takapuna, George Holford, to Lieut. Colonel Morrow, with details of the approaches to the Manukau Harbour.


  • Letter from the Master of the SS Rarawa, N.F. Norbury to Lieut. Colonel Morrow, with details of the Manukau Harbour


  • Letter from the Harbour Master, Kaipara, D. Savident to Mr A. Morrow of the N.Z. Defence Force, with details of the channels in the Kaipara Harbour


  • Letter from Lieut. Jackson to Colonel Morrow in reply to corrections about a detail of the Auckland Harbour. (Four pages, quite fragile and first page torn) No Date One Page with details of a survey of the “Motuihi Channel and Explosives Anchorage” carried out by S.J. Plummer


  • Letter of commendation from W.H. Hamer, Engineer to the Auckland Harbour Board, in praise of the work of Colonel Morrow in preparing the charts of the re-survey of the Auckland Harbour. (with copy)


  • A certified ‘True Copy’ of a letter from the Harbour Master, Kaipara, D. Savident to the Harbour Master, Auckland with details of the Kaipara. (Mention of enclosures which were not among the documents)


  • Letter on behalf of the Minister of Marine to Lieut. Colonel Morrow by way of reply, with the assurance of early legislation to deal with noise from power boats.


  • Letter to Colonel Morrow from the Superintendent of the Harbour Board, stating the Board has no power as yet to deal with noisy speed boats


  • Letter from the Secretary to the Minister of Marine to Lieut. Colonel Morrow on the subject of prohibiting the use of open exhausts on motor boats
Folder No. 6
  • Gunnery Invention Design of a Shell drawn on vellum tracing cloth Three typed pages, with corrections of description of the Smooth-bore Rotary Projectile


  • Letter of reference for Major Morrow to persons in England from the Premier John Balance


  • Letter from Arthur Morrow to Prime Minister


  • Letter to W.J. Napier Esq. From Prime Minister, Sir Joseph Ward, about referring the shell design to the admiralty


  • Letter from the Prime Minister Sir Joseph Ward re forwarding the design of the shell to the War Office


  • Letter from Sir Joseph Ward re decline from the War office


  • Letter accompanying a copy of the Arms Bill and the Arms A
Folder No. 7

Family Records, Correspondence & Memorabilia


  • Entry taken from the Ulster Records noting the death of ‘James Morrogh of the City of Corck’ on the 27th November 1633. The certificate was recorded in the office of the Ulster King of Arms on the 17th May 1636
  • Re: expenses of the NZ Company, compiled by Captain Stokes HMS Acheron


  • Hand written record of the death of Anne, relic of the late John Bole Esq. Of Castleray House. (Ireland)


  • Reference for Jesie Adamson of Portobello from Mrs Elliot

22.09.1859, 03.10.1859 & 08.11.1859

  • Three items of correspondence trying to secure a cadetship for Arthur Morrow – unsuccessfully

Feb 1869

  • Letter of recommendation for Arthur Morrow from Charles Heaphy, formerly Surveyor to the General Government. (‘True Copy’)


  • Letter to “My dear Eveline” from N. & L. Morrow


  • Letter of commendation from the Under Secretary, Department of Lands


  • Post card of Kawau, ‘For dear Amnie’ from Bobby


  • Letter Card with views of Bournemouth for Mrs Morrow from David Sators


  • Note “For dearest Arthur” from Harrie J. Bole


  • Letter Card with views of Ilfracombe for Colonel R.B. Morrow from D. & M. Sators


  • Wedding invitation of Doris Mary Fairfield & Alan Holmes-Hudson


  • “Dear Mildred” letter from Arthur Morrow


  • Personal letter to Geoffrey Fairfield from Arthur Morrow


  • Draft of Letter to the Editor of the Standard re the Buckland connection with Gipsies, from A.W. Buckland No Date Page of exercise with biographical details of Alfred Buckland


  • Letter to Mr F.G. Fairfield re the Grafton-Newmarket motorway from the District Commissioner of Works Box 1
Folder No. 8 Correspondence


  • Letter from Government House thanking Mrs Morrow for gift of persimmons


  • Letter from Buckingham Palace thanking James Buckland Esq. For the “little book” for “Her Majesty’s acceptance”


  • Letter from the Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales thanking Lieut-Colonel A. Morrow for the gift of a “Maori Walking Cane”


  • Letter from Buckingham Palace from the Assistant Private Secretary to the Queen thanking Colonel Arthur Morrow for a gift for the Doll’s House. (with envelope)


  • Letter from the Official Secretary at Government House in reply to a letter from Colonel A. Morrow


  • Letter from Bledisloe (Governor General) with thanks for “interesting photos and your inspiring address”


  • Letter from Bledisloe (Governor General) with thanks for “Reminiscences”
Folder No. 9

Newspaper Clippings

  1. Arthur Morrow
  • Born 1843
  • Died 30.08.1937
  1. Mary Evelyn Fairfield (nee Morrow)
  • Born 1878 Died 30.12.1968
  1. Alfred James Fitzroy Morrow
  • Died 15.07.1960


  1. 17.09.1930 Frank Geoffrey Fairfield married Amy Sprague Bainbridge
  2. 29.07.1919 Alfred Wade to Ivy Jane Kennedy - Wade-Kennedy
  3. 12.02.1923 William Burgess to Katie Morrow - Burgess-Morroll(sic)


  1. 20.05.1921 Mariamne Buckland
    018.09.?? Birth of twins to Arthur and Mariamne Morrow a son and daughter.

  2. 03.10.?? - The son, Arthur Wellesley died

  3. 18.10.?? - Vincent A Holbeche

4 copies of pages from the N.Z. Herald, with advertisements for Alfred Buckland’s businesses on back page

Biography of Alfred Buckland under the title “Makers of Auckland”


  • Obituary of Alfred Buckland, published Monday

Cutting from a local paper with article about Mariamne Morrow as “Our Real Personality” then over 100 years of age

Obituary of Colonel Morrow at the age of 94 Obituary of Mariamne H. Morrow in her 103rd year

Torn collection of clippings pasted on paper with writing on the back. The cuttings mention some members of the Buckland family and their activities

Folder No. 10


  • Card of Admittance for Emery Walker to attend a series of lectures given by Sir W.B. Richmond for the Royal Academy of Arts & signed by him
  • Cards of Miss Buckland, Lyceum Club 128 Picadilly W. (2 copies)
  • Card of Lieut. Colonel Morrow, Staff Retd. ‘Simla’, Almorah Road
  • Card of Geoffrey Fairfield, A.M.L.E.E. Auckland City Card of Miss Morrow, ‘Simla’ Mt Eden
  • Card of Mrs Wm F. Burgess, ‘Tamaki’ Buckland’s Beach
  • Card of admittance to Rotorua Racecourse for Reception to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York
  • Card from Austin Dobin of Eaton Rise Ealing


  • Card accompanying gift “to dear Amne, with fondest love from Bobby”
  • Petrol coupon for 2 gallons of petrol (wartime)
  • Piece of paper with “My Best Wishes Gracie Fields”
  • Small card with illustration and verse in French, initials ‘AM’
  • Small painting fine paper with intertwined initials ‘AB’ headed ‘Souvenir and happy Birthday Anniversary 1929’. Initials ‘Am 9.5.29’ in corner
  • Christmas Card 1934 from Capt. & Mrs J.D. Hewitt
Folder No. 11

Print of “A distant view of Almora” from Captain Bellew’s “Views in India 1835” (pasted on card)
Cards of invitation for –
11.06.1901 1.

  1. The Presentation of Address of Welcome for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York


  1. The review and Presentation of Medals to the South African Contingents
  2. A Civic Reception


  1. A Maori Demonstration at Rotorua


  1. Souvenir of the Royal Visit of Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York to Rotorua


  1. Invitation to the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the new church of St. Matthew’s with full Masonic Ceremonies


  1. Souvenir Certificate of the Coronation of King Edward VII


  1. Invitation to attend a Parade of the Taranaki Mounted Rifles at New Plymouth


  1. Invitation to the Ceremony of the Unveiling of the Statue of Sir John Logan Campbell


  1. Menu and Toast List for the Banquet given by the New Zealand Government for Rear-Admiral Sperry in honour of the visit of the American fleet


  1. The Programme and Engagement Card for the Citizens’ Ball given for Capt Halsey and Officers of H.M.S New Zealand. Hand painted envelope

No Date

  1. The Bill of Fare and charges for the George Moir, Old Ship Tavern, Shiprow, Aberdeen


  1. A Foreign Office report on the “Cultivation of Citrons on the Island of Corsica”
  2. Small booklet “A Peep into Punch”
  3. Page of photograph of the lava flow from Mt Eden and the signatures of some members of the 14th Benbal Lancers, many in native scripts.
    See photograph 646.234

Post cards

  • For Miss Morrow – Arab Water Kirbas in Aden
  • For Major Morrow – Queen Street, Auckland (No Date)
  • For Mrs Morrow – Ilfracombe For Mrs Fairfield – Maori Guide Maggie
  • For Mrs Fairfield – Washing Day, Whakarewarewa
  • For Miss J. Buckland – St. Andrews Cathedral, Inverness Unused – War Memorial, Wakefield St.

Property & Financial Papers


  • Licence for a Permanent Enclosure at St Mark’s Church purchased by Major Morrow of Simla


  • Letter from the Education Board to colonel Morrow negotiating for the purchase of four acres as shown on an enclosed tracing and intended for the Newmarket (Primary) School
  • The tracing of the area is drawn on linen and shows the (then) present and the proposed site of the School in relation to surrounding roads.


  • Rate Demand from the Pakuranga Riding of the Manukau County Council for Lot 9 B.III Tamaki Est. for £1.13.10 With receipt
  • 13.12.1922 Statement details for Mrs M.H. Morrow in account with Buddle Richmond & Buddle, Solicitors
  • 22.12.1922 Statement details for Mrs M.H. Morrow in account with Buddle Richmond & Buddle, Solicitors
  • 15.01.1923 Letter from Buddle, Richmond & Buddle accompanying a statement of financial transactions 15.01.1923 Statement with above letter
  • 20.06.1923 Receipt for the purchase of a Permanent Enclosure at the Church of England Purewa Cemetery, the purchaser being Colonel Morrow
  • 15.12.1926 Receipt from M.H. Morrow for the sum of £65 received from ‘Bill & Katie’
  • 01.08.1927 Rate Demand from the Pakuranga Riding of the Manukau County Council for Lots 9 & 10 of Blk. III. Receipt for £5.7.6
  • 14.12.1928 Plan of sections in Almorah Road for auction by Palethorpe & Parkes on this date. Four sections were reserved
  • 14.08.1930 Rate demand from the Manukau County Council for two lots in ‘Tam.Est.’ With receipt for £11.10.10
  • 20.11.1931 Receipt from Hutchison Elliffe & Cameron, Public Accountants for the sum of £30 received from Mrs M.H. Morrow No Date Cheque stub for an amount of £425.0.0 received from the Public Trust Office for a ¼ share in the estate of M.W. Bradbury paid to Mr W.F. Burgess
Folder No. 12
Miscellaneous but VERY FRAGILE ITEMS



  1. A letter from Alex. Godley, at that time Governor General of Malta.


  1. Many paged record of the experiences of an unnamed person working and travelling in New Zealand during the years around 1863. It is much faded and damaged
Folder No. 13

French Exercise Book
Part only of an exercise book with French composition and vocabulary. No name but the writing suggests it belonged to Arthur Morrow

Box 2

Folder No. 14

Album & Small Book

  1. Album with “Photographs” in gold leaf on front cover, with a blind-stamped front and back covers. It contains a number of pen and ink sketches of scenes of every day life in a household and sketches of animal heads of Indian fauna. The initials on the pages are those of R.B.M. (Robert Bole Morrow) a brother of Arthur Morrow who had spent some time in India
  2. The second item is a coat of arms which was in the front of the photograph album.
  3. The third item is the small book in German, the details of which are on separate pages –
Box 2 Folder No. 14

Names in small book Among the items in the Morrow collection is a very small book with thoughts for the day in German. A number of the interleaved pages have names written on them, some with a date and some with the name of a boat, occasionally both. Neither the ownership of the book, nor the connection with the Morrow family is certain, however some names are those of the Buckland family, one of whom married Arthur Morrow. Further Complications arise as only the SS Aorangi called regularly at Auckland from Europe, 1985 being a maiden voyage from London. The Tarawera plied between Gisborne and Auckland, the Wainui worked between Fiji, Gisborne and Auckland and the Morea, a P & O vessel, came to Auckland from Sydney on three occasions between 1910 – 12. The Bremen, Roon and Preussen were all German owned and did not call at Auckland. The Yarra was French steamer and no mention has been traced of the Taroba, the Toku/Tokio or the Arabic. Whoever owned the book remained in touch with some of the signatories as ‘married’ or ‘died’ has been added to some entries.

One signature is that of Robert Louis Stevenson. An article about his visit to New Zealand, ‘The Cruise of the ”Janet Nicoll”’ may be read in the 1994 edition of the N.Z. Marine News, Vol. 43, No. 2. It is enclosed in this folder

A dash indicates difficulty in reading the script. Those entries that can be read are listed here:-
Signatures with boat name and date
| Date | Name | Boat |
|1884| Katherine Clayton| SS Aorangi|
|1884| Edwd G. Goff |SS Aorangi|
|1884| Emily Johnson |SS Aorangi|
|04.02.1885 |J. Cowie Nichols |Tarawera |
|1884 |Lily L. Patterson |Tarawera|
|03.02.1885 |Ella Ratikie |Tarawera |
|02.06.1885 |Alice M. Repoa |Tarawera |
1885| A. Simond |Tarawera|
02.02.1885 |Arthur Towsey| Tarawera |
|16.09.1886| Louis Rouillard |Yarra|
|25.11.1888| J. Stewt . Nazar, Shanghai. ‘Miss Buckland proved herself a true Samaritan to her sea-sick friends’| SS Preussen|
|07.11.1888 |John C. Bois |SS Preussen|
|07.11.1888 |Frances M. Bois |SS Preussen|
| 26.05.1889| Ginev Cancon(?)| SS Arabic|
|30.05.1889| Austen Herr| SS Arabic|
|26.05.1889| E.G. Hillier| SS Arabic|
|26.05.1889| Fredck Mack| SS Arabic|
|??.05.1889| Lizzie Miller| SS Arabic|
|1889 |Rica Newman |SS Arabic |
|1889| Fred. Sassoon |SS Arabic|
|1889 |J. Ninnio Skarratt| SS Arabic|
|27.05.1889 |Charles J. Swear| SS Arabic |
|26.05.1889 |Walter C. Ward |SS Arabic|
20.05.1891| F.G. Woodhouse, Nukulofa |Wainui|
|31.??.1909| A.M. Benziger| SS Roon |
|17.09.1909 |Johs. Drecheller| SS Roon|
|07.09.1909| G.G. Leutnegger |SS Roon|
|17.09.1909 |Lillie Leutnegger. 116 Elizabeth St. Brisbane |SS Roon|
|??.08.1909| H. Morgenstern commanding SS Roon Aug 1909| SS Roon |
|22.09.1909| H. Quant|blank|
|06.01.1911| H. McIntyre| SS Bremen|
|01.01.1911 |Thillis H. Treston |SS Bremen|
|15.02.1912| William L. Brown, Comdr| R.M.S. Morea|

Signatures with names of Boats but No Dates
| Name | Boat |
|Geo. D Armstrong |SS Roon |
|Evelyn Corney| SS Roon |
|E.A. Findlay |SS Roon|
|William A. Fisher, B.A. Surgeon |SS Roon|
Herbt E. Greenstreet |SS Roon |
|Emily Johnson| SS Roon |
|W.C. Martyn |SS Roon |
|John M. Richardson| SS Roon|
|W.R. Turpin| SS Roon |
|Josephine E. Cameron |SS Arabic |
|Effie Godfrey| SS Arabic|
|N.R. Larenining |SS Arabic |
|Jessie B. Miller |SS Arabic |
|H.E. Murray-Anderson |SS Arabic |
|James Forbes |SS Arcadia|
|Alfred Sharp |SS Arcadia|
N.H.C. Brown| SS Bremen|
|Stewart L. Lang, G.M.S.| SS Bremen|
|Capt. Krainzlinhic |SS Bremen |
|B.G. Mayo, U.S. Navy |SS Bremen|
|J.F. Mcintyre |SS Bremen|
|J.H. Preston |SS Bremen|
|A. Weber |SS Bremen|
|F.N. Shore |SS Preussen|
|A. Blusir| SS Roon|
|P. Brierre |SS Roon|
|Johs. Drecheller, Eva Foerster-Breest| SS Roon|
|Amy L. Guiller, 10 St Andrews Sq. Gerrbiton, Surrey |SS Roon|
|Albert Henry , Lille France |SS Roon|
|O. Herber |SS Roon |
|Sogfin Susividoff |SS Roon|
|Dr. Rasche, Ship’s Surgeon| SS Roon |
|Gustar Wittstern |SS Roon |
|Gustar Wittsley |SS Roon & SS Bremen|
|Lissy Haggitt| SS Tarawera |
|Bessi Horken |SS Tarawera|
|Edith Mary McLaren |SS Tarawera |
|James Stott, Chief Officer |SS Tarawera|
The chief Officer of the Taroba |SS Taroba|
A.G. Bollenhagen| SS Taroba |
|Fred Chappell |SS Taroba|
|E.G. Murray Dickinson, R.M.S.| SS Taroba |
|D. Fawplelle| SS Taroba|
|M.H. Martin, Purser| SS Taroba|
|Jean H. Pirie R.M.S. (sic) |SS Taroba|
|Chas. T Benny| SS Tokio|
| Maru Henry James| SS Tokio|
| Maru E.S. Mathews |SS Tokio|
|Maru Geo Crawshaw |SS Wainui|
|A. Blamfignon |SS Yarra |
|A. Bos/Zos? |SS Yarra|
|Albinus Fauran |SS Yarra |
|Nazaine Fourn| SS Yarra|
|Emile Gentouliut, Cre of the SS Yara| SS Yarra|
|Fr. Grino |SS Yarra|
|Arthur Poydenot |SS Yarra|
|Georges Siviere |SS Yarra |
|Muselli Fcois , Chef Mecanicieur| SS Yarra |

Names with dates only (by first name or initial)
| Date | Name |
|1825 |F.J. Furnivall|
|1851| Henry Arthur Jones |
|1859| F. Stilling |
|1862 |Cecil N. Rees|
|1866 |Frances Ethel Coleman |
|1884| Flora Coleman|
|1884 |John C. Johnson|
|1885| Jno. G Stewart |
|16.09.1886| Laure Lavogeur |
|19.11.1887| E. Josephine Wallis |
|1899| Hector Campbell Wright |
|13.12.1901 |James L. Burgess|
|12.10.1909| Mariamne Buckland|
|06.01.1911|M. Eliot|
|08.01.1911|S.J. Autill |
|07.10.?? |J. Massey T. Meyer, Purser 2714.13 |

Signatures with comment or address
| Signature | Address or comment|
|A. Bernard |45 Rue de Connelly, Paris |
|A. Hasting Doudney |Samoa, July 13 – 9? |
|Alfred Lavoquer| Mayor of Port Louis Mauritius|
|Arthur C. Buckland |“The Reefs” 22.12.1874 Otago Central Railway|
|Arthur H. Mayo| U.S. Navy |
|A. Turnbull Miller |(with poem) June 11 |
|Bazett Michael Haggard| Samoa, joint owner of the kopra king of the ‘Apolimu’|
|Ch. Barthelemy |Alg—a bord du Roon B.J. Parker — |
|G Kestell Cornich, |Antananarivo, (Madagascar)|
| E. Le Doussal |Aspirant de Marine|
|Ethel Julius |Tilford, Surrey|
|Fanny A. Jens |One of the champ. crew|
|F.C.Davidge |Yokohama, 30.03.1889 |
|Frances M. Redgrave |27 Hyde Park Gate,|
|S.W. Frederic Legras| Magistrate|
|Georges Revoil| Paris|
|G. Pearne |“Garlic”|
|H. Blemes| R.N.R |
|Harry H. Dawson |Humberstone Boxwood, N.S.W. |
|Harry Rosenfeld |Pacific Ocean 164° East|
|H. Hasse| Engr. |
|Henry de Kersaint |Gilly & Ferrier |
|J.B. Aubert| Dentist |
|Jessie M. Irving |Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch|
|Jessy Bedwill |One of the champion crew stroke|
|Jno. G. Stewart |(Please do not forget him) 1885 |
|Julia Deakin| Yokohama, 20.03.1889|
|Julius Stern| C/- Reiss & Co. Shanghai|
|Louis Leveque |Lieutenant d’Artce de Marine|
|L. Leveque| Lieutenant D’Arbella|
|Maigiot de Madagascar| |
|Marion Ferguson |Vir Cottage, Fragmore, St Albans|
|Mary & Nils de Fock| Skulthorp, Sweden |
|Mary J. Allen |Yokohama, 20.03.1889|
|Mitchell McDonald |Grand Hotel, Yokohama, 08.02.1889|
|Mrs A. Kroeplien |Pension van Heuckeheim, Keithstr. 16 Berlin W 62 |
|Puddavine |Totnes Devon |
|Ruth Beetham| Milford Sound 02.02.1885 |
|Sophie Wertheim |Melbourne|
|Stauros Homere| Queenstown, 05.04.1885|
|Victor Magan| Yokohama, 20.03.1889|
|W. Lang |22 Cavendish |

Signatures in order by first name

A.M. Sinclair
Ada Radford
Aida Mayo
Albrecht Weber
Alf. L. Mere
Alfred Coleman
Alice G. Campbell
Alice Hisschberg
Alice M. Carse
Alice Morice
Allan Cameron
Aylmer Edri Nurian
F. Baker
Bertie Heyworth
Blanche Carey
Bolton Glanwill Comby
H. Buckland
C. de Montour
C.G. Jolliffe
C. Warnott Stewart
C.C. Buckland
C.J. Parker
C. Stuart Maitland
Caroline Darling
Charles E. MacLaren
Charles Ellison
Charles S. Mackie
Charles Sydney Spooner
Christian Smith
Clarrisa Polsul
Constance Ash
Daisy Skarra
Dollie Radford
Dorothy Walker
E.A. Denton
E.G. McMillan Moffat
E.M. Mackie
E.S. Smith
Edith Owen (Sorewby)
Edith Wreck
Edw. Rose
Edward Cecil Stewart
Elsa A.V. Willing
Emery Walker
Emily Mason
Ernest Raselford
Ethel Buckland
Ethel Lee
Eve Sime
Eva Sime
Eveline M. Jones
F.D. Puck
F. Wilig Stevenson
A. Fabry
Fanny Brandon
Florence Blared Holt
Frances Mary Winuperies
Francis G. Maitland
Fred Ponsford
G.M. Mackie
G.W. Porson
Geoffrey W. Preston
George Hall
Gertrude Elaine Ridley
Gladys Wertheim
Guy C. Russell
H. Barker
H. Hasse
H.W. Hilton
Harry Buckland
Hazel Buckland
H. Hennessey
Henrietea Sonisa King
Herbert M. Warne
Herbert M. Warne
Hettie Brassey
Hugo Wertheim
Isobel Strong
J. Barthelemy
J. Cecil Whaley
J.H. Scott
J. Ramsay Miller
James W.H. Wood
Jamie Buckland
Jamie Scott
Jane L. Macbeth
Jas. Buckland
Jeannie A. Visger
Jeremiah McCarthy
Johannes Pirie M.D.
John Bevan
John H. Scott
Katie A Rattray C.C (?)
B. Kauffeld
Kitty Crew
L.A. Rose
L.R.I. Stack
Lloyd Osborne
Louise Armitage
Lucy Coppin
Lucy M. Power
M.H. de Zouchen
M.H. de Zuchen
M.I. Stevenson
Mabel Hesselton
Madeleine Bonnet
Margaret Bowman
Mark Loof
Mary Buckland
May Morris
Melva M. Jones
Mitchell McDonald
Mora Macintyre
Mrs Muir Cox
Pet Lang
Peter Bayd(?)
Phyllis Keigwin
R. Crawford Brown
R.T.D. Sadosen
R.W. Brown
Robert Louis Stevenson
Ronald Muir Grant
Rosamond Philpott
Ruth Buckland
Sally Lang
Sela Filibre
Selina Owen
Sister M. St Sabinien
Sister M. St Pierre
Susan Lang
Sybil Haggitt
T.H. Scheelth
T.W. Bourke
W. Weyenbergh Gorter
U. Nash
Una A Cockerill
W.A. Holland
W.H. Ash
W.R.I. Stack
W. Saeger
W.T. Buckland
A.W. Wilkinson
D. Wilig Stevenson
William Bullard
William Lang
William R. Sime
Willm Harcourt Hooper
—— Wolff

Separate Folder No. 15


Copy of the register of Marriage of Arthur Morrow and Mariamne Harris Buckland

Copy from the Register Book of births, Kate Sylva, (Morrow)

Copy of the register of Marriage of William Francis Burgess and Katie Sylva

Separate Folder No. 16

Passport issued at London, for Mariamne Buckland

Passport issued at London, for Jane Buckland

Passport (torn) issued at London, for Jane Buckland

Separate Folder No. 17

Map of the ‘Town of Newmarket’. It was submitted as part of the negotiations to purchase part of the property adjacent to present Gillies Avenue, the area where the New Market School now stands

Separate Folder No. 18

Certificate and Will

  1. Parchment certificate of New Zealand Institute of Surveyors for Ambrose B. Morrow. Witnessed on 01.02.1913 (the Parchment is not well preserved)
  2. Cut piece of parchment


  1. A copy of the Will of Arthur Morrow, Signed but not Witnessed - dated
Separate Folder No. 19

Title of “Forget me not” and noted with date and ‘Sunday evening’ beneath

Torn sheet with floral illustration: first line ‘Oft in gayest tones we speak’ and signed M.H. Buckland

On card. 1st side: Cut out of VC above a piece entitled “In Memoriam” with two verses and note ‘St Paul’s London, Peace Day 1902’
2nd side: Two illustrations of battle & ink sketch of Saddle, labelled as ‘Full dress, 16th Lancers, Officers’ & in pencil ‘By a daughter of the Regiment.’

1st side: A poem “Laurel” with flags drawn on either side & the date 10th May 1895
2nd side: A poem “Waterloo” with two quotes from Scott and a poem entitled “In Memory of the Dead” with the initials O.S. & inscribed ‘Thanksgiving Day July 6th 1919”
There is a photo of Private Robert Morrow V.C., 1st Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers & a small notice of his death from the Auckland Star, 27th May 1915
Indian ink on fine parchment, a poem entitled “The Seasons”. The surrounds have pen and ink sketches and beneath the date appear the initials ‘A.M.’
Poem in five stanzas entitled “The Citizens’ Ball”, noted at end ‘Simla, Christmas 1936. A. Morrow’
No Date
Title of “Good Bye” with initials ‘A.M.’ No Date Title of “A Kiss” with initials ‘A.M.’
No Date
Unfinished & no title but first line reads “What is life?”. The name Arthur Morrow Simla is written across the corner but not in his handwriting

Box 1

Folder No. 20

Photographs in the Morrow Collection
Many were identified by Geoffrey Fairfield, grandson of Colonel Arthur Morrow

646.170 Crocodile skin
646.171 ‘Dear little Alfred, 4 ½ years /89 (1889) February’
646.172 2nd copy
646.173 Alfred J.B. Morrow 4 ½ February 1889
646.174 Alfred Morrow
646.175 Alfred Morrow
646.176 Alfred Morrow
646.177 Alfred Morrow in his garden
646.178 Alfred Morrow, senior, see 646.180 1870?
646.179 Alfred Morrow, senior
646.180 Alfred Morrow, senior
646.181 The younger Alfred
646.182 ‘For Katie from Alfred, aged 16’
646.183 The younger Alfred
646.184 The younger Alfred

Maori Portraits
646.185 ‘Georgina, Rotorua’
646.186 Maori warrior, Post card 1920
646.187 Maori tohunga tapu, Post card ‘Being fed’
646.188 Blind Maori lady with pet seagull
646.189 Maori lady with baby on her back
646.190 Group at Rotorua with Maori guide
646.191 Lounge of Te Puea, Ngaruawahia
646.192 Williams Memorial Church, Paihia
646.193 Maori warrior
646.194 A deserted Pa – identity uncertain
646.195 Sailing ship – unnamed
646.196 Three sailing ships – unnamed
646.197 Kohu Peke, Keri Katakore (with Huia feathers)
646.198 Post card ‘Maori carving in N.Z.’
646.199 Head of Maori man
646.200 Maori lady with moko
646.201 Three children in garden – one is Geoffery Fairfield
646.202 Maori War Memorial in Wakefield Street
646.203 Canoe racing
646.204 Pa gateway
646.205 Maori warrior, see 646.186
646.206 A Maori, head and shoulders
646.207 Re-photographed Maori woman
646.208 Re-photographed Maori woman (same but reversed position)
646.209 Mt Tahanga, Opito Bay
646.210 Maori canoe and paddlers 1940
646.211 European lady seated inside a whare

Scenes of houses
646.212 ‘Simla from the cow paddock’
646.213 Intersection of Gillies Avenue and Morrow Street, c.1912
646.214 View from Simla towards Toddy’s house – (Evelyn Fairfield)
646.215 Artillery gun
646.216 Calthorne Bay, Great Barrier, 1920
646.217 Annie Fairfield and others seated in front of whare of blind Maori lady and her pet seagull
646.218 Simla, note on back calls attention to an Indian cedar, Cedrus Deodara, which may be one of those imported by the Outhwaites
646.219 Front gate of Simla
646.220 Old front access to Simla
646.221 View from Simla towards Grammar School
646.222 Auckland Grammar School pupils
646.223 View from Simla
646.224 View from Simla
646.225 “Mizpah” January 1896
646.226 Simla see 646.219
646.227 Panoramic view towards Auckland Domain
646.228 Front gate of Simla, see 646.219/226
646.229 Family group on front steps of Simla
646.230 Front gate drive, Highwic, Mortimer Pass
646.231 Mitchell’s home near Simla
646.232 Alf’s farm, Oratia
646.233 Calthorne Bay, see 646.216
646.234 End of part of the lava flow from Mt Eden, below Highwic
646.235 Post card of San Marino
646.236 Bullock team dragging logs at Eastern Beach, c1910
646.237 “Waterloo” 4th June 1896, Post card
646.238 Beach Scene with men on foreshore
646.239 Three men on rocky shore with a dinghy
646.240 Gate with clematis in full bloom
646.241 Beach frontage with houses at Buckland’s Beach 646.242 Group seated on a rocky beach
646.243 Rock Fall or quarry?
646.244 Military parade in Domain
646.245 Petty Officer Bill Cave and naval gun crew at Simla, 1926
646.246 Gun crew at Simla
646.247 Gillies Avenue gate to Simla
646.248 Unidentified two storey house
646.249 Same as 646.219/226 but with description on back
646.250 Below Simla in garden
646.251 Trees and garden gate
646.252 View from early Simla
646.253 View from Mt Eden
646.254 Front entranceway
646.255 Collapsed lava tunnel at Simla
646.256 Another copy of above
646.257 Very dark copy of above
646.258 Thorn’s beach, Takapuna Matamata
646.259 Newspaper photograph of Rifleman A.J. McCaw of Auckland, Killed in action
646.260 ‘The twins at six month’ – probably Ronald and Frances McCaw, with their father, John McCaw
646.261 Photo of Jack McCaw’s grandmother, Mariamne Morrow
646.262 “The Tower”, Matamata
646.263 The McCaw family on the front steps of Simla
646.264 Fanny McCaw with the twins
646.265 Jack McCaw aged fifteen months
646.266 John McCaw with his family at the Tower
646.267 Os McCaw, (Alexander Oswald)
646.268 Davy Mc Caw, a surveyor The Browning Family
646.269 Maud Browning, dressed in Swedish costume ??.05.1896
646.270 Louise Browning, dressed as “Old Mother Hubbard” ??.05.1986
646.271 Robert Browning ??.11.1878
646.272 Maudie and Louise 01.10.1893 The Fairfield Family
646.273 Family group on the beach
646.274 Family group, including Geoff Fairfield
646.275 Family group, including Geoff Fairfield
646.276 Man with two children, “George N.”
646.277 ‘Doris Mary (Sue) in Highland dress’
646.278 Doris and Alan Hudson – wedding
646.279 Alan and Ciss (Sue) 646.280 Doris Fairfield
646.281 Two women in the street – Doris and her mother Evelyn?
646.282 Evelyn Morrow Fairfield
646.283 “Me” – George Fairfield
646.284 Geoff Fairfield
646.285 ‘A young possum’
646.286 Geoff Fairfield see 646.283
646.287 Young child
646.288 Geoff Fairfield in bathing suit
646.289 Geoff and Sue Fairfield
646.290 Evelyn Fairfield in later years
646.291 ‘Todd’ (Evelyn), grandmother and baby in pram at ‘Simla’
646.292 Geoffrey Fairfield – senior
646.293 Sue and Geoff with Colonel R.B. Morrow
646.294 A woman holding a child
646.295 Annie Fairfield in a car
646.296 ‘Frank Geoffrey Fairfield 23.08.1906
646.297 Evelyn with Doris Mary see 646.293
646.298 Doris Mary Fairfield
646.299 Doris as a bride
646.300 Two children on a beach – Geoff and Doris?
646.301 Doris Mary Fairfield
646.302 ‘Sue’ – Doris as an older woman
646.303 Geoff with two school boy friends
646.304 Evelyn Fairfield
646.305 Geoff Fairfield driving with grandmother Mariamne in the back seat
646.306 Judy McCaw (Frances) and Geoff at Simla
646.307 Geoff and sister Doris
646.308 Another copy of 646.308
646.309 Colonel R.B. Morrow with Geoffrey Fairfield (senior) Evelyn and baby Doris at Simla
646.310 ‘Frank Geoffrey Fairfield as a small boy’
646.311 Doris with some animals
646.312 Doris in the garden
646.313 Doris in a garden
646.314 ‘Todd with Ciss, Gran with me at Simla’ 1906
646.315 Geoff dressed in a uniform with a medal
646.316 Geoff and Doris aged about six
646.317 Geoff and friends at Simla
646.318 Doris with pets
646.319 Another copy of above
646.319 646.320 Evelyn Fairfield with her children
646.321 Doris with husband Allan
646.322 Doris on horseback
646.323 Doris with a rabbit
646.324 Catch of large stingray – Geoff on left
646.325 Studio portrait of Doris Fairfield
646.326 Doris with a rooster (poor Photograph)
646.327 Family group in garden
646.328 Copy of above 646.328
646.329 Evelyn Fairfield with baby Doris
646.330 Evelyn Fairfield with her two children
646.331 Doris with a doll
646.332 Evelyn Fairfield as an older woman
646.333 Doris with her doll
646.334 Studio portrait of Doris as a young woman
646.335 Doris aged 6/7
646.336 Doris and Geoff
646.337 Geoff in Highland costume with Katie Burgess at far right
646.338 Evelyn Fairfield seated on a verandah
646.339 Family group at beach – Thorn’s beach?
646.340 ‘Top storey of old Terrace Hotel, Rotomahana, Wairoa, with Geoff and Doris’
646.341 Copy of above
646.342 Colonel Morrow in uniform
646.343 Three young girls on garlanded horses – Evelyn Morrow in centre
646.344 Alan Hudson 21.03.1942
646.345 Geoff and Doris in studio portrait
646.346 Katie and her mother Mariamne Morrow
646.347 Katie Burgess (Morrow)
646.348 Katie Burgess
646.349 ‘Katie Morrow with ?’
646.350 Katie Burgess far right in photograph outside Tamaki Yacht Club
646.351 Katie and Bill
646.352 Katie
646.353 Bill Burgess after World War I
646.354 Katie Burgess and Mariamne Morrow
646.355 Bill and Katie in the Opel car
646.356 Katie Burgess at Highwic, aged 100
646.357 Katie seated with a friend
646.358 Katie and Eileen Barstow see also 646.569
646.359 Veda McCullough and Katie at Simla (faded)
646.360 Family dog
646.361 Cat on table
646.362 Recent photo of a wall at Highwic
646.363 Uncle Sigar & Best baby
646.364 Reay & Olive Carde (Clarke?)
646.365 H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh 1868
646.366 Bishop of N.Z. & Lichfield 04.09.1868
646.367 James E. Leahy
646.368 Olaf Petersen
646.369 Newspaper obituary notice for Frank Gordon Morrow 17.01.1869
646.370 Mavis Patterson
646.371 John Seagar & son
646.372 Lady Jellicoe at Howick after World War I
646.373 Mrs Donald with Jake’s (or Jack’s) Pig
646.374 Duki of Gloucester, Governor General Lord Bledisloe & King’s Empire Veteran Colonel A. Morrow at Government House, Auckland
646.375 Lord Ranfurly at Tamaki (see also 646.378)
646.376 Grandfather’s brother Hugh “For Robert with Hugh & Fanny’s love”
646.377 Colonel Grant Ambrose Morrow, Col. A. Morrow, Viscount Lord Jellicoe. Inspection of the King’s Empire Veterans
646.378 Visit to Musick Point environs by Lord Ranfurly
646.379 J.M. May, aged 60
646.380 James Dilworth, Died 23.12.1895
646.381 Mildred Tonks
646.382 The Morrow & Buckland families on a dray
646.383 Unidentified man. Photo taken in Dublin 21.12.1894
646.384 ‘Something to eat, Kihikihi’
646.385 Unidentified lady. Photo taken in Dublin 02.04.(18)25
646.386 Woman’s head pasted on a card – possibly Eliza Wallen?
646.387 Unidentified man
646.388 Young boy
646.389 Full length portrait of a woman
646.390 Lady wit two children in a garden
646.391 Three women, Mariamne Morrow at left
646.392 Another copy 646.392
646.393 Amie Fairfield on right. In snow
646.394 Lady with boy (aged 9?) & child in her arms
646.395 Two women with a baby in the garden
646.396 Small launch
646.397 Two men in a dinghy
646.398 Two women in a dray
646.399 Scene (very dark) House on hill & horses pulling a dray down the road
646.400 Unidentified group of four – two elderly ladies & two younger men
646.401 Lady with a horse
646.402 Three women seated on steps
646.403 Portrait of gentleman. “Taken Aug 1890. R.B.S” ??.08.1890
646.404 Unidentified man and woman see 646.432
646.405 Horse, man and dog in paddock
646.406 Thatched cottage
646.407 Houses along a beach frontage – probably Buckland Beach
646.408 Man squatting beside a snowman
646.409 Unidentified two storey house
646.410 Head of a woman on a Post Card ‘Studio Hobart’ 646.411 Lady on a bush walk – very faint picture
646.412 Woman seated in doorway of a car – elsewhere named a “Bimbo Morris”
646.413 McQueen Te Mata?
646.414 Unidentified lady
646.415 Unidentified gentleman
646.416 Child with toy wheel barrow (poor photo)
646.417 Group seated around a natural pool
646.418 Two little girls in garden
646.419 Full length portrait of Mariamne Morrow at Highwic
646.420 Lady on horseback
646.421 Two men & two women at Buckland. Katie Burgess (Morrow) on right. Identified from Fairfield’s book
646.422 Two unidentified women – photo from Exeter
646.423 Group standing in a field
646.424 Another copy
646.425 Head of unidentified lady – photo from London 646.426 Group gathered in an open area. The scene has perhaps a military flavour?
646.427 Unidentified gentleman
646.428 Unidentified portrait of a child
646.429 Unidentified portrait of a boy
646.430 Two small children
646.431 Unnamed lady in a garden, Mariamne Morrow?
646.432 Unnamed gentleman from 646.404
646.433 Another copy 646.432
646.434 Bride & groom unnamed
646.435 Child & mother in orchard 646.436 (number not used)
646.437 Two women, two children in horse and carriage 646.438 Chile (as angel kneeling in a cot
646.439 Unidentified infant
646.440 Unnamed woman with two children
646.441 Young boy in choir outfit
646.442 Lady on horseback
646.443 One man with four ladies & one infant picnicking under a tree
646.444 Unidentified child standing on chair
646.445 Unidentified lady – portrait from London 02.06.1915
646.446 Unidentified lady in Studio Portrait
646.447 “For dear Arthur wishing him many happy returned of the day, with love from Bob.” Man standing with a rifle beside a tiger 11.11.1891
646.448 Man and woman seated on rocks beside the sea. “Stan Blundell & ?”
646.449 Nihotopo Fall 3
646.450 Soldier in 1st World War uniform. Possibly Jack McCaw
646.451 Lady seated in front of cactus garden (possibly not in N.Z.)
646.452 Car in background with lady (Mrs Morrow?) and Geoff Fairfield
646.453 Pen & ink drawing by Harry Wrigg. “Major Morrow from Harry Wrigg 1895” ??.??.1895

Bucklands Beach

646.454 Alfred Morrow’s house next to 56 The Parade, Bucklands Beach
646.455 Alf Morrow, early shot, Bucklands Beach
646.456 A group sitting in the grass identified as “Me (Geoffrey Fairfield), Ivy Buckland, Rene Tooman, Katie, Alf, 7 Alice” (Hesketh)
646.457 (number not used)
646.458 Alfred Morrow’s house at Bucklands Beach next door to 56 The Parade
646.459 Early Buckland Beach photograph of the Morrows family – Grandmother, Olive, Col R.B. Morrow, ? Col. A. Morrow, Me (Geoffrey Fairfield), Katie Morrow, Evelyn Fairfield, Doris Mary Fairfield – later Hudson. Camera Geoffrey Fairfield, senior
646.460 56 The Parade – the Buckland home
646.461 Another copy of 646.459
646.462 Old Burgess homestead at Bucklands Beach
646.463 Photograph of pencil sketch by Col. Morrow, Buckland Beach c. 1890-91
646.464 Another copy of 646.459
646.465 Picnic scene – no names – probably Bucklands Beach 646.466 (number not used)
646.467 56 The Parade, and three photos pasted on other side 1. Child as bride 2. Three children on Simla porch, Geoffrey Fairfield in centre 3. Simla, Col. A. Morrow and Mrs Morrow with one other on porch 646.468 Alf’s old house at 55 The Parade, Bucklands Beach, now replaced by Jack Gordon’s house. Note height of cactus, higher than the chimney. Possums climbed down the inside of the chimney & slept curled up in front of the hearth. Alf’s nickname was ‘Possum’ because he bred them when he was a boy

Mariamne Morrow

646.469 Mariamne Morrow on her 100th birthday
646.470 Mariamne Morrow and Katie on hillside at Tamaki see 646.473
646.471 Col. A. Morrow, Mrs Morrow & Katie(?) in the family car driven by Geoff Fairfield. Car was called ‘Anseldo’
646.472 Grandmother at Simla
646.473 Grandmother & Kate on a Maori terrace above 56 The Parade c.1920
646.474 Mariamne Morrow as a child, Studio Portrait
646.475 Mariamne Morrow as an elderly woman
646.476 Mariamne Morrow taken by candid camera in the street
646.477 Mariamne Morrow with two infants – great grandchildren?
646.478 Mariamne Morrow in her middle years
646.479 Mariamne Morrow outside Alf’s old house 55 The Parade
646.480 Another copy 646.479
646.481 Another copy 646.479
646.482 Studio Portrait of Amne Morrow (Buckland)
646.483 Mariamne Morrow in stylish clothes on the steps of Simla
646.484 Grandmother, Geoffrey Fairchild, Katie Morrow (Aunt)
646.485 Another copy but clearer 646.484
646.486 Mariamne Morrow – Studio Portrait
646.487 Grandmother on her 100th birthday with telegrams from the Queen, and Governor General. Mariamne Harris Morrow, daughter of Alfred Buckland of Highwic
646.488 Two Photographs pasted on old letter 1. Mariamne Morrow 2. Doris and Geoffrey Fairfield as children Both photographs taken beside the roses outside Simla
646.489 Colonel Morrow, Grandfather in his 90’s at Simla
646.490 Grandfather, Grandmother & Geoff at Matamata
646.491 Col. A. Morrow & Anne Fairfield outside workshop at Simla
646.492 Photo taken many years ago. The trees are much larger now otherwise everything the same. Grandfather in driveway
646.493 Family group including Col. and Mrs Morrow, and possibly Geoff and Anne Fairfield. Two other unidentified
646.494 Col. Morrow and Anne Fairfield in the garden
646.495 Col. Morrow in front of his workshop
646.496 Col. Morrow
646.497 Col. Morrow at Simla
646.498 Col. Morrow on the beach
646.499 Col. Morrow walking his dog in the bush
646.500 Col. Morrow on the steps of Simla
646.501 A Picnic probably at ‘Evelyn’s Bower, Simla”. Arthur Hooper (Dr.) beside basket, Katie and Grandfather. Three others unnamed
646.502 Maori trenches, Rangiriri
646.503 Just behind me is the crater of Pohutu Geyser at Whaka. I was lucky enough to see this geyser play before I left Rotorua. Wonderful spectacle too!
646.504 Waiting for the ‘Crows Nest’ to play – Taupo
646.505 Excavation of Maori site?
646.506 Scene on Marae
646.507 Children in swimming hole. Rotorua?
646.508 Man checking, as directed, by telephone in the forest …
646.509 Rangitoto trip 02.04.1904
646.510 Portion of the teak stem of H.M.S. Buffalo, wrecked near Whitianga ??.07.1904
646.511 …? Then salvaged 02.02.1936
646.512 On to the punt, Mokau – a car crossing the river
646.513 On the Mokau river
646.514 Crocodile shooting on the River Ganges at Nasafgarh near Cawnpore ??.02.1918
646.515 Jackal shooting near Cawnpore ??.01.1918
646.516 Old Maori lady “Pally” on the steps at Simla
646.517 Flagpole at Simla about 1905
646.518 SS Paparoa. Back row 2nd from left Geoffrey Fairfield, Senior
646.519 Matakana Island – Tauranga Harbour
646.520 15th century armour at Mon Reve, Guethary
646.521 Memorial Obelisk
646.522 Unidentified township with single rail track by main road
646.523 Unidentified township with railway. Possibly Ngaruawahia?
646.524 Part of Auckland waterfront?
646.525 Art Museum expedition at Ninety Mile Beach ??.??.1932
646.526 In the bush at Okataina Lake. Two women in the car – one is Amy Fairfield
646.527 Camp at Wairakei. Mariamne Morrow standing by tent
646.528 Matakana Island – Tauranga
646.529 Card of Waterloo, Hougemont, Mson du Jardinier 04.06.1891
646.530 Venice. Sailors feeding the birds ??.??.1919
646.531 Grave of Stella Selina Satow
646.532 Bullock train hauling timber to clear hillside
646.533 Maori canoes under construction at Ngaruawahia
646.534 Bullock train
646.535 St George’s Bay regatta ??.??.1887
646.536 Under exposed print of original sketch by Col. A. Morrow. 1863 Galloway Redoubt, Clevedon. The small cabbage tree (centre) is no (1983) a fully matured specimen. The old Thorpe homestead was directly behind the Redoubt. Earthworks still visible
646.537 Doris & Geoff Fairfield by top story of Old Terraces Hotel, Rotomahana, Wairoa – destroyed in Tarawera eruption June 10 1886
646.538 Gillies Avenue gate to Simla opposite Highwic
646.539 1st official archaeological camp in N.Z. at Gt. Mercury Island
646.540 Tall upright stone
646.541 Photo of sketch of Camp of Flying Column, by Col. A. Morrow ??.??.1863
646.542 Racing car
646.543 The ‘Anseldo’, Te Kuiti camping ground
646.544 Two women in the car
646.545 Car at the camp
646.546 ‘Ansaldo’
646.547 ‘Ansaldo’ in Manukau mud
646.548 Family in and around the car – at Bucklands Beach?
646.549 Two cars at a camp
646.550 The car with two passengers
646.551 Two canvas topped cars
646.552 Car fording a stream
646.553 Birdcage with a parrot(?)
646.554 Austin car
646.555 “Bimbo” Morris
646.556 Susan Banks, eldest daughter of Alfred Buckland
646.557 Susan Banks – (different photo to 646.556)
646.558 Susan Banks – (different photo to 646.557)
646.559 Geoff Fairfield and friend with a catch of fish on wharf at Bucklands Beach
646.560 Three photographs pasted on paper – 1. Wellesley Street Arch visit of Duke & Duchess of Cornwall and York to N.Z. ??.??.1901 2. Man & woman beneath trees – harbour background 3. Baby in pram
646.561 Three photographs pasted on paper – 1. Alfred Morrow 2. Man & woman beside incomplete Grafton Bridge 3. Small photo of St John’s College
646.562 View from Simla, showing levelled area site of old Pascoe quarry & Todd’s House across gully. Note old private telephone line
646.563 Group of bemedalled gentlemen around a monument
646.564 Two photographs pasted on paper – 1. Two women in military dress – Molly Tooman, Ivy Renner, Katie at Simla. (Three names but only two people) 2. Katie, Rene Tooman, Ivy Renner, Molly Tooman all in military dress
646.565 Copy of photograph of Doris Fairfield seated in the garden at Simla with a guitar on her knee
646.566 Rotorua – two women near a hot pool
646.567 Three Maori ladies “Eileen, Ruth & Georgina” two with moko, all in full Maori dress
646.568 Meta Taupopoki. Rotorua
646.569 Two women in the garden – Katie Morrow & Eileen Barstow see 646.358
646.570 Two girls – Lyndon 8 ½ & Juanita 9 ½
646.571 Portrait of gentleman, written on it ‘from his old friend L.J. Hale 1910’
646.572 Lady holding flowers wearing wedding clothes(?) inscribed ‘lovingly yours Ivy. 29.vii.19’
646.573 The working party outside the old hotel Kawarua 1966. Geoffrey Fairfield extreme left
646.574 Unidentified Studio Portrait of gentleman
646.575 Young woman with dog seated on steps at Simla & young lad in background
646.576 Five photographs pasted on paper – 1. The Auckland Exhibition in the Domain – note plane ??.??.1913 2. Scene at beach – possibly Thorn’s Bay 3. Row of people seated on grass, copy of
646.56 and identified there 4. Group of six seated on wharf – none named 5. Group on beach and only some named
646.577 Galloway Redoubt ??.09.1863
646.578 A Captain ? of the Otago Volunteers 02.05.1871
646.579 Three photographs pasted on paper – 1. Child with dog 2. Rhododendron in flower 3. Child in pram. Probably Geoffrey Fairfield, note poem

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Arthur Morrow (1842-1937)

First Names:Arthur
Last Name:Morrow
Date of Birth:1842
Place of Birth:County Longford
Country of birth:Ireland
Date of death:30 August 1937
Place of death:Epson, Auckland
Date of Arrival:1861
Residential address:Simla, 33 Almorah Road
Spouses name:Mariamne Morrow
Spouses date of birth:1855
Spouses date of death:1957
Date of marriage:27 June 1877
Place of marriage:St Sepulchres Church Auckland
Fathers name:Hugh Morrow
Fathers date of birth:1806
Mothers name:Eliza Bole
Mothers date of birth:1813
Mothers date of death:1892
Name of sibilings:Edward Morrow, Robert Bole Morrow, Elizabeth Morrow, John Morrow, Hugh Morrow, and Ambrose Bole Morrow
Name of the children:Mary Evelyn Morrow, Arthur Wellesley Morrow, and Alfred James Fitzroy Morrow
Military Service:New Zealand Wars and WWI Censor