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The following images relate to Mount Maunganui Primary School for the decade 1983 - 1992

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This decade saw the observance of 75 years since the establishment of Mount Maunganui Primary School.


Peter Thompson with pupils swimming sports 75th Anniversary 1988

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1983 Dec - Mr Wilson Headteacher retires after 17 yrs 

1984- Mr Mills appointed Principal. Mrs V Neilson  retires after 21 years at MMPS. October - More than 40 bags of rubbish  collected  in a 2 km Beach  clean—up 

1987 - Opening  roll  227! First computer purchased Std 4 overnight camp at Sapphire Springs 

1988 - School  75 Jubilee activities;  swimming  sports held in Pilot Bay, dress—up  day. Crunch meeting Jubilee— yes or no?  Registrations  low. Mrs L Davies retires after a long association with  MMPS since 1958 

1989 - School  Council  replaced by Board of Trustees (BOT) 

1990 - Self Governing Schools — BOT the employing  body. Tomo  Kono Japanese Culture Ambassador here for 9 months. Parent Support Group formed 

1991 -  Farmyard  in school grounds for 3 nights. Employment Contracts Bill —Teachers strike for  1  day. Whole school train trip through Kaimai tunnel to Morrinsville. Japanese week prior to Tomo Leaving. Parent Project Group fundraising, tree planting, organising discos, introduction of special  lunches 

1992 -Mr A Mills Principal  retires Term  2 — Mr  M  Shennen  new Principal Term 3. Fire lit under cloak bay in A Block — neighbour saved the school. The highly embarrassed lad who locked himself in the car with the keys, because his mother appeared in the classroom adorned in her vivid— lycra gym—bunny outfit .

Mount Primary room 1 1983

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Mount Primary room 6 1984

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Mount Primary room 5 1985


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Mount Primary staff 1986

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Mount Primary Room 3 1987


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Mount Primary Room 5 1988


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Mount Primary School Committee 1989

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Mount Primary snow dump c 1990s

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Mount Primary school leaders 1991 

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Mount Primary staff candid 1992

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