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Doris Aughton was born in England in 1910 Married Aaron Ball Woodock 1929 Auckland N.Z.

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Doris was brought to New Zealand in 1914 on the "Osprey" along with her aunts and uncles - the youngest Winifred being only 10 years her senior. - by her grandmother Annie Ashton, landing in Auckland before moving to Te Poi. Her mother Gertrude remained in England along with her sister Annie Lowe Francis Ashton who by this time was married to Peter Watkinson. My youngest sister Edna Carol was fortunate enough to meet a son of Annie Lowe (nee) Ashton and Peter Watkinson on a visit to the U.K. and learnt first hand of much of the genealogy pertaining to my mother, Doris' english background. She did not see her mother for some 4 years. Her father father had left the family and emigrated to Australia prior to 1914.Gertrude arrived in Auckland about 1918 along with her son Stanley, and to begin with lived with her mother in Te Poi. It was here that Doris began her schooling.

The family, Doris, Stan and their mother Gertrude eventually moved on to live in Frankton. And it was while living here that her mother decided to move to Wellington. Doris, who by this time was now 16 had no intention of moving there. So her mother told her, if she could find work and accomdation she could stay. Doris, being the feisty determined person she was, found employment as a housemaid at the Empire Hotel in Frankton that naturally had accommodation with the job. While living here and at the age of 19, she met a young baker from Auckland who serenaded her on his saxaphone with "I"ll be loving you always" She moved to Auckland and married Aaron Ball Woodcock in 1929 in Avondale at the Salvation Army citadel, before finally settling in Tauranga in 1935..
















Parents                   Grand parents             Great grandparents      

 Iris Evelyn


Edward Aughton 

Richard Aughton

Mary Sumner 

 Luke Ashton

Margaret Lowe


 Mary Lauraine
 Betty Marlene

 Ralph Low Ashton

Annie Lowe Clift

Thomas Clift

Mary Balmer


 Edna Carol
   Mary Gertude    













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Doris Aughton

First Names:Doris
Last Name:Aughton
Date of Birth:20 12 1910
Place of Birth:20 12 1910
Country of birth:England
Date of death:4- 11- 2000
Place of death:Tauranga
Place of burial:Cremated Tauranga
Family Surname:Woodcock
First settled:1914
Date of Arrival:1914
Name of the ship:Osprey
Place of settlement in Bay of Plenty:Tauranga
Other places of settlement:Avondale
Spouses name:Aaron Ball Woodcock
Spouses date of birth:21-3-1910
Spouses place of birth:Putaruru
Spouses date of death:29- 8 1988
Spouses place of death:Tauranga
Spouses place of burial:Tauranga
Spouses nationality:English
Date of marriage:3 - 8 - 1929
Place of marriage:Avondale
Fathers name:Aaron Woodcock
Fathers date of birth:7.2.1888
Fathers place of birth:Southport England
Fathers place of death:Westport New Zealand
Fathers nationality:English
Mothers name:Mary Gertrude Lowe
Mothers date of birth:4 - 5 - 1887
Mothers place of birth:Southport England
Mothers date of death:18 - 3 - 1944
Mothers place of death:Wellington
Mothers nationality:English
Name of sibilings:Stanley
Military Service:WW2

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