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Katikati events in 1873. Compiled by Katikati Historian Ellen McCormack (2012).

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18 April 1873 B.O.P. Times

The tenders [2] of Mr. R. A. Scott, for delivery of about eight tons of wire, insulators, etc along the telegraph line from Tauranga to Katikati, and for about 23 tons between Maketu and Tapuaeharuru, have been accepted. The whole of the material required for the line from Grahamstown  to about halfway between Katikati and Tauranga was on board the Rangitara [which arrived here on Thursday last]; and the remainder, to be landed at Napier and Tauranga, will shortly be forwarded  from Wellington.


5 December 1873 B.O.P. Times.

The crops in the district are looking very favorable, and indicate a prosperous return to agriculturalists. It has seldom been my lot to view a more promising field of oats than that owned by Mr. MacMillan of Ahipatiki. [north of Tahawai]

The want of regular mail communication is severely felt by the settlers in this district.  At present we are entirely dependent upon the Maori boats which run occasionally between this and Tauranga, and as the natives usually call at every settlement on the way, it frequently happens that our letters are not received until a fortnight after they have been despatched from Tauranga. As the Government have surveyed land for the purpose of forming an immigration settlement in this district, and as we have about 40 inhabitants here, we think that the authorities should give some attention to our postal arrangements.


14 December 1873 

William Nassau Stewart born [son G.V.S. and Margaret Stewart]

G.V.S. made his first approach for land in N.Z


An Ulster Plantation.

Relying solely on Farnall’s encouragement and without waiting for a reply, he circularized the Orange Lodges in Ulster inviting members to join his party.

November 1873 at the suggestion of the N.Z. Government he consented to proceed to N.Z. to select a block of 10,000 acres himself.

G.V.S. sailed on the ‘Mongol’ and met the Tanner family who were going to N.Z. to settle.

He told them about his planned settlement and the Tanner’s joined the Katikati settlement in 1875.

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