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Katikati events in 1882. Compiled by Katikati Historian Ellen McCormack (2017). During 1882, George Vesey Stewart sold the Bay of Plenty Times.

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3 January 1882 B.O.P. Times

The progress of the Waihi goldfields ought to ensure a good market for agricultural produce grown here.

Mr. Foley has already started a trade in butter etc with the goldfield district.


2 February 1882 B.O.P. Times.

Our Katikati correspondent writes: We are very much pleased here with the present “gang system” and with the way our roads are being attended to and kept in repair now.

Every one remarks how much better they are than they ever were before. Mr. Boyd with his “No 1 squad” has just completed a splendid piece of work at the Tahawai bridge cutting. The road here before was almost impassable for spring carts or drays in wet weather. The manner in which the filling in and levelling of this difficult piece of road have been done reflects great credit on our gang. 


28 February 1882 B.O.P. Times.

THE  CONTRACT  FOR  THE REREATUKAHIA BRIDGE. At the suggestion of the Chairman, it was agreed, on the motion of Mr. Brown seconded by Mr. Killen to pay the Katikati Road Board a sum of 125 pound, balance due the contractor for the Rereatukahia bridge on the Tauranga-Thames road.


17 March 1882

G.V.S. was elected the first Mayor of the new Borough of Tauranga.


25 November 1882

On the 25 November 1882 the official document to establish the Katikati Library was signed by the first trustees.


1 December 1882 B.O.P. Times.

A Katikati correspondent informs us of some exceptionally smart travelling.

Mr. C .H. Kelly, the energetic Katikati mail contractor, left at noon on Tuesday from Tauranga with the Katikati mail. On arrival he had to catch afresh horse, and feed it, and then started back for Tauranga. Reaching Tauranga he left again with a buggy and passengers after some little delay, and arrived home before midnight .The distance travelled was very close on ninety miles, and was done in less than twelve hours, inclusive of all stoppages and detentions, and the time lost in catching a horse, and in getting his passengers together in Tauranga. There are not many who can boast of more expeditious travelling than this. 


15 December 1882 B.O.P. Times.

We regret to learn that Messrs Young and Pope have, within the last few days, experienced a heavy loss in the death of two coach horses. One died on Tuesday and one yesterday, at Katikati. The latter had, we understand, been bought by Mr. Corbett, of Waihi, and was to have been delivered yesterday.  The circumstances attending the death of these animals are considered to be of a suspicious nature, and Mr. Pope left yesterday for Katikati to make enquiries into the matter.

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