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Mary Ashfield appears on the 1893 and 1896 New Zealand Electoral Rolls. This photograph of her was taken by Emily Surtees in Katikati in 1900.

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It is not yet known where Mary Ashfield was born or when she arrived in Katikati but it appears that she worked in Katikati for Frances Stewart (nee Vesey), wife of Captain Mervyn Stewart, until Frances died in 1893.

Mary is listed on both the 1893 and 1896 New Zealand Electoral Rolls. 

After 1893 she may have resided by Agnes McClung (nee Logan) (1853-1910) whose husband Gilbert McClung (c1851-1897) died in 1897.

In 1900 she was photographed at Katikati by Emily Surtees:

Mary Ashfield (1900)

Mary Ashfield in 1900 three years prior to her death.

A report on her death was printed in the Bay of Plenty Times on 19 June 1903:

On Wednesday afternoon we laid an old identity, Mary Ashfield, in her final resting place at Te Mania, the service of our church over her remains having been conducted by the Rev. Mr Katterns, who had been unremitting in his attention during her long confinement to her bed, as having been attacked by two strokes of paralysis, her wonderful vitality at over 80 years of age successfully resisted for some months the grim hand of death, which however was a happy release. Dr Grattan Guineas, of Waihi, at the instance of the C. A. Board, called in to see her some time ago when visiting another patient on the settlement, pronounced the entire extremities of her body from the groins to be dead and stated he could not suggest any further treatment than what she was receiving. She had taken up her quarters with Mrs McClung after the death of her late mistress Mrs Capt. Mervyn Stewart, where she found a good home in every sense of the word (p. 2).

Mary died at Katikati on 7 June 1903. She was buried in the Katikati Cemetery on 11 June 1903 (Anglican Block A, plot 43).


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Mary Ashfield (c1823-1903)

First Names:Mary
Last Name:Ashfield
Date of Birth:c1823
Date of death:7 June 1903
Place of death:Katikati, New Zealand
Place of burial:Katikati Cemetery