The Stone Cottage by Len McCauley (c1970s)

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The Stone Cottage by Len McCauley (c1970s).


Remembered as one of 'nature’s true gentlemen' Len McCauley was a 'prolific painter' during his retirement years. This oil on hardboard measures 44.5 x 37.3 cm (c. 1970s). As the title is indecipherable it is surmised that it could be a scene from Cromwell, Central Otago. This author has named it The Stone Cottage. In the foreground situated to the right is a stone cottage with a green roof and central chimney, overshadowed by the snow covered Southern Alps in the background. To the left foreground the flat land the cottage is built on appears to drop away into a valley. The middle ground is dominated by two vivid blue lakes. Behind the stone cottage appear to be a row of poplars in their yellow foliage. The scene contains elements of the picturesque with hills on either side framing the scene however the romantic sublime is in evidence due to the insignificant size of the stone cottage which is dwarfed by the majestic mountains. The painting also contains elements typical of a twentieth century New Zealand landscape style. The mountains are painted in rough brushwork in shades of white and grey, whereas the hills are mainly green and brown with highlights in yellow. The sky is a very pale blue with white clouds. The signature Len McCauley in white is in the lower right hand corner of the painting. Unfortunately some of what appears as cloud is actually damage from when this painting was found by this author wrapped in sodden newspaper, along with Shotover River, in a disused chookshed in Whakatane in the 1990s. Text: Debbie McCauley (26 October 2010). Image: Debbie McCauley (2012).


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The Stone Cottage by Len McCauley (c1970s)

First Names:Len
Last Name:McCauley
Date of Birth:12 January 1904
Place of Birth:Te Puke, New Zealand
City:Cromwell, Central Otago, South Island, New Zealand