Twickenham (side view), Katikati (1900)

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Twickenham (side view), Katikati (1900).


The name Gledstanes has been associated with Katikati since early 1879 when Mary Gledstanes (1836-1919), a widow with an adult family of sons and daughters arrived in the district. Mary was born in Ballygawley in Northern Ireland in 1836 and was a sister to George Vesey Stewart, the founder of Katikati. In c1896 John Gray built Mary a retirement home overlooking the Uretara River which was named 'Twickenham' after one of the Stewarts' homes in Ireland. Adela Stewart died there in 1910 when she returned to New Zealand with her son Mervyn to publicise her book My Simple Life in New Zealand. Mary died on 31 December 1919 in Tauranga and is buried in Katikati Cemetery. For a time 'Twickenham' was run as a café and wedding venue. In October 2015 'Twickenham' was moved about 60 metres from 3 Mulgan Street to 8 Mulgan Street. 

Emily Surtees Photographic Collection. Photographer: Emily Surtees (nee Stewart) (Eldest child of George Vesey and Margaret Stewart). Courtesy of Elizabeth Smith and Ellen McCormack. 

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