Mary Ashfield (c1823-1903)

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Mary Ashfield (c1823-1903).


Mary Ashfield appears on the 1893 and 1896 New Zealand Electoral Rolls. It appears that she worked in Katikati for Frances Stewart (nee Vesey), wife of Captain Mervyn Stewart. In 1900 she was photographed in Katikati by Emily Surtees. She is seated outside and holding a cat in her lap. Mary died at Katikati on 7 June 1903. She was buried in the Katikati Cemetery on 11 June 1903.

Emily Surtees Photographic Collection. Photographer: Emily Surtees (nee Stewart) (eldest child of George Vesey and Margaret Stewart). Courtesy of Elizabeth Smith and Ellen McCormack. Text by Debbie McCauley. Tauranga City Libraries Image Number: 16-286 (Ref: Page 35, 001).

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Mary Ashfield (c1823-1903)

First Names:Mary
Last Name:Ashfield
Date of Birth:c1823
City:Katikati, New Zealand
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.5519144,175.9197547

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