19th Century Orange Order Sash: McCauley Family (1889)

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19th Century Orange Order Sash: McCauley Family (1889).


19th Century Orange Order Sash that belonged to the McCauley family who arrived in New Zealand on board the Jessie Osborne in 1876 as part of George Vesey Stewart's Katikati settlement. The sash is made from watered grosgrain silk ribbon in orange with two vertical stripes of purple at each side. There are four ornate metallic embellishments: a holy bible; a three-stepped Jacob’s ladder symbolising Faith, Hope, and Charity; the Star of David; and a crown with red velvet at the centre which symbolises the British monarchy in Ireland. Below the embellishments is a large rectangular silk badge edged with metallic braid which includes an image of King William on his horse along with text which includes William III, Loyal Orange Institution, and at the base the makers name; Toneycliffe and Carey, Orange Regalia Dept, Christchurch. Below is an orange and purple rosette, another can be found at the hip. The sash is finished at the shoulder and base with gilt metallic cord fringing. Photograph: Debbie McCauley.

Thomas Edward Toneycliffe (1855-1939) and Andrew Fuller Carey (1863-1937) went into business together in 1889, operating the ‘The Ready Money Drapers’ as Toneycliffe & Carey from 206 Colombo Street (near Gloucester Street) in Christchurch. Irish born Thomas had arrived in New Zealand by 1883. Andrew had learnt the drapery business in London, arriving in New Zealand in 1881.

The Orange Order was founded in County Armagh in 1795, named after William of Orange, the Protestant King, who defeated the Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne (1690). The Orange Lodge had a strong following in early Katikati, but as the original settlers died out the next generations were not as attached to the institution as their parent and grandparents had been. However, small gatherings were still held in Katikati up until the mid-1950s. Once the Catholic Church arrived in Katikati in 1954 the Orange Lodge meetings ceased.

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19th Century Orange Order Sash: McCauley Family (1889)

Last Name:McCauley
Place of Birth:Clogher, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
City:Katikati, New Zealand