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The Katikati Heritage Museum was established in 2000 by Ken and Nancy Merriman, who bought the contents of a private museum to prevent them being lost to the community.  From
Construction of the Katikati Police Station and Jail was authorised on 5 February 1880 and completed in early July of the same year. The police station was replaced in 1939
Pianos were treasured possessions in early Katikati as they provided much needed entertainment for the settlers. The first piano in Katikati now resides in the Katikati Heritage Museum.
2013, 1865, 1875
One of the delights of delving into the past is the discovery of hitherto unknown and unexpected connections. This is the story of Claude Upton Grayling from Katikati, his connection
2013, 1945, 1955
Genealogy Record
Sam Middlebrook had a long association with Katikati. When Vesey Stewart came to Tauranga in 1874 to look for land, the Survey office assigned young Sam Middlebrook to assist him.
The Katikati Museum holds three violins previously owned Sid and Ivy Taylor who farmed in Katikati for many years. One of the violins was handcrafted by Sid for his wife.
2014, 1960, 1970