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This old Gramaphone, in the museum's collection, could have been used to play the 78rpm records on which Sailing Along on a Moonbeam was recorded.
2013, 1930, 1940
Katikati Heritage Museum Banner v2.
Banner image for the Katikati Heritage Museum basket on Tauranga Memories.
Katikati's first piano.
Now located in the Cafe at the Museum
 Label of TANZA record T5.
The Katikati Museum has a copy of this TANZA recordIt is the same series in which "Sailing Along on a Moonbeam was recorded.
Label of the TANZA record of Blue Smoke.
This is an image of thelabel of the record held at the Katikati heritage Museum.  Blue Smoke was the first recording made in New Zealand.
Old Katikati Jail (2014.
The old Katikati jail, built in 1880, stands in the grounds of the Katikati Heritage Museum. Standing in the front are the old stocks used to shame the perpetrators of minor
Pixie Williams.
Tgis photo was taken in 1950 around  the time she recorded Claude Graylindg's "Sailing Along on a Moonbeam. Photograph couresy of Amelia Costello
Sam Middlebrook and children.
Image of Samuel Middlebrook with children. Click here to learn more.
2013, 1900, 1910
Sam on his houseboat.
Samuel Middlebrook.
Image of Samuel Middlebrook. Click here to learn more.
Sid Taylor's violin.
This is the violin made by Sid Taylor in the 1960s and held in the Katikati Heritage Museum collection.
2014, 1960, 1970