Headstone of Richard Dodd (1831-1865)

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Headstone of Richard Dodd (1831-1865).


Richard Dodd was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1831. He arrived in New Zealand from Melbourne on board the Caduseus in 1863. He joined the 1st Waikato Regiment (Regiment No. 352) on 7 September 1863. Richard died in Tauranga on 2 May 1865, aged 33. His ground plaque reads; 'Sacred to the memory of Richard Dodd, No. 3. Coy., 1st W. R., died at Tauranga 2nd May 1865 aged 33 years.' Text and photograph by Debbie McCauley (22 November 2016).

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Headstone of Richard Dodd (1831-1865)

First Names:Richard
Last Name:Dodd
Date of Birth:1831
Place of Birth:Dublin, Ireland
City:Tauranga, New Zealand