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A3: Tiaki/Protect by Karen Francis Lawson was an acrylic on canvas second prize winner in the adults division of the Battles of Gate Pā/Te Ranga Art Competition (2014). Sale price $440.

A3: Tiaki/Protect by Karen Francis Lawson

Protect land, life, blood and thirst. 1864 - 2014

The reds in the base of the work represent 150 years of remembrance and the blood and lives lost during the battles. Within the back ground is the cross, crescent moon and star, symbols from the Māori battle flag.

The blue and white koru symbolize thirst and the water given to wounded soldiers by the Māori, paying respect to the code of conduct written by Henare Taratoa.

The green and black koru symbolize land and the battles that took place over its protection by Māori and the controversial confiscation of land by the British. The space between the two act as a gate way.

The weapons are all hand held and used in hand to hand combat during the battles at Pukehinahina and Te Ranga.

From Top to bottom:

Carved Musket, hand grenade, tiaha, tewhatewha, kotiate, Beaumont Adams revolver, Officers sword, toki patiti (short handled hatchet).

Contact artist: 021-1106215 or

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A3: Tiaki/Protect by Karen Francis Lawson