Gate Pā Pou 6: Hākaraia Māhika (c1814-1870)

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Gate Pā Pou 6: Hākaraia Māhika (c1814-1870).


Hākaraia Māhika was a Waitaha leader and prophet (poropiti), blending Christian philosophies with Māori teachings. He led warriors during the battles of Gate Pā at Pukehinahina and Te Ranga and did not participate in the Tauranga Māori surrender on 25 July 1864. During the Tauranga Bush Campaign of 1867 the Crown labelled Hākaraia a rebel due to his role as a resistance leader protesting the survey of confiscated land. On 23 March 1870 Hākaraia was caught by Crown forces and was one of nineteen executed. Carver: Tupaea Ahomiro. Photo: Debbie McCauley.

Note: As a child Hākaraia was one of many prisoners taken to Northland after Ngāpuhi under chief Te Morenga attack and destroy the pā on Mauao in January 1820.

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Gate Pā Pou 6: Hākaraia Māhika (c1814-1870)

First Names:Hākaraia
Last Name:Māhika
Date of Birth:c1814
Place of Birth:New Zealand
City:Tauranga, New Zealand
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.7109011,176.14556189999996

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