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Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Jackson Parkin Booth (1830-1864) was a key figure in the Battle of Gate Pā (Pukehinahina) on 29 April 1864. Leading the attack, he received gunshot wounds to the spine and right arm, injuries that he was to die of the following day. Story researched and written by Debbie McCauley.

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Henry Jackson Parkin Booth was born in Yorkshire on 19 July 1830. His parents were Lieutenant Colonel Henry and Mary Ann Booth (nee Monkhouse).

Booth was in command of the 43rd (Monmouthshire) Light Infantry.

As he led the assault at the Battle of Gate Pā on 29 April 1864, Booth received gunshot wounds to the spine and right arm. He is said to have told Dr Manley that a Māori woman who spoke English gave him water as he lay in no-man’s land. It is thought that this information is inaccurate and that it was more likely to have been Henare Wiremu Taratoa whose kind act is remembered on both a memorial window in the private chapel of Bishop Selwyn’s Lichfield Cathedral in England and a white marble frieze on the obelisk to Rawiri Tuaia Puhirake in Tauranga's Mission Cemetery. Puhirake is standing over Booth and gesturing to his men to bring water, whilst Taratoa can be seen in the distance carrying a calabash of water towards them.

Marble freize on Rāwiri Puhirake New Zealand Wars memorial (1914)

Booth died the following day, on April 30th.

The Daily Southern Cross believed Booth to be only wounded when it reported on 3 May 1864:

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Jackson Parkin Booth entered the army, as an ensign, on the 11th June, 1847. He became a lieutenant on the 9th August, 1850; a captain on the 29th July, 1853; a major on the 3rd April, 1857; and lieutenant-colonel on the 11th February, 1862. He served with the 43rd in the Kaffir war of 1851-53, for which he received a medal. He was in command of the detachment of the 43rd, which arrived by the 'Lady Jocelyn', and, until embarking for Tauranga, was in command of some of the military posts between this and Waikato.

A memorial to Booth hangs in All Saints, the parish church of Northallerton in Yorkshire. It reads:

Sacred to the memory of Henry Jackson Parkin BOOTH, Lieutenant Colonel of the 43rd Light Infantry the second son of Lieutenant Colonel Henry BOOTH, K.H., of the same regiment and Mary Ann his wife and grand son of William Booth, Esqr, of Brush House in the parish of Ecclesfield in this county. Born July 19th 1830. Died April 30th 1864. His military life like that of his fathers was passed in the 43rd Regiment in which he became Ensign, June 11th 1847 and Lieutenant Colonel, February 11th 1862. He served his country in Africa during the Kaffir Wars of 1851, 1852 and 1853; in India; and in the New Zealand in the rebellion in 1864 where he was mortally wounded at the head of his men while leading the attack in storming of a fortification at Tauranga, April 29th 1864. His services where acknowledged by a memorandum from the War Office dated November 3rd 1864 that had he survived he would have been recommended to her Majesty for the Distinction of Companion of the Military Division of the Order of the Bath.

Booth was buried in Tauranga's Mission Cemetery (Otamataha Pā).



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Henry Jackson Parkin Booth (1830-1864)

First Names:Henry Jackson Parkin
Last Name: Booth
Date of Birth:19 July 1830
Place of Birth:Yorkshire
Country of birth:England
Date of death:30 April 1864
Place of death:Gate Pa, Tauranga, New Zealand
Place of burial:Mission Cemetery, Tauranga
Fathers name:Henry Booth
Fathers date of birth:1790
Fathers date of death:6 May 1841
Mothers name:Mary Ann Monkhouse
Mothers place of birth:Romanby, Northallerton
Mothers date of death:1 October 1869
Name of sibilings:Charles Booth and William Booth
Military Service:New Zealand Wars and 43rd Monmouth (Monmouthshire) Light Infantry Regiment