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The Battle of Gate Pā at Pukehinahina (Te Pakanga O Pukehinahina) on 29 April 1864 was a pivotal point in the history of Tauranga Moana. 

It started with British troops being landed at the northern end of Te Papa, seen by Māori as a provocative move. A Code of Conduct was agreed on by Māori leaders who issued a challenge to the British. When it was ignored Māori selected a site on the Pukehinahina ridge where they designed and built a radical new fighting pā. The result was one of the few outright victories for Māori against the British.

Two months later, on  21 June 1864, another battle occurred. The Battle of Te Ranga saw many Māori leaders killed and led to surrender and confiscation of land. Māori response to surveying of confiscated land was a small-scale conflict known as the Tauranga Bush Campaign (1867) which signaled the end of fighting in Tauranga Moana. Click here and here to read more.

These pages have been created to provide information about the Battles of Gate Pā and Te Ranga, as well as enabling community expression. In 2014 Tauranga commemorated 150 years since the battles which saw the sites being revamped as well as a proliferation of expression from the community via poetry, essay writing, speeches, haka, artwork, and an exhibition at Greerton Hall, much of which is captured within this kete.

Commemoration pages include: 

Pukehinahina Flag. Kete articles include:

  1. Key figures in the Battle of Gate Pa
  2. Mission Cemetery Monuments
  3. Who gave water to the wounded?
  4. The Tauranga Campaign of 21 January 1864 to 21 June 1864
  5. A comprehensive list of all participants at the battles (includes rank, fate, affiliation and source)
  6. Advice on doing your own research from Primary Resources.

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Battle of Gate Pā (Pukehinahina), 29 April 1864

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