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Te Wano, a Pirirākau tohunga, was killed during the Battle of Gate Pa at Pukehinahina.

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'A heathen priest, one Te Wano, who performed the war rites of our forefathers and recited the olden time karakias (invocations) for victory in the fight. So we were making things right with both sides - the Christian God and the Atuas of the Maori. It was all tino tika (very correct)' (Ngātai, 1903, para. 12). 'Te Wano was standing up in an elevated position exhorting us and reciting olden incantations when a cannon shot took him short and he parted from us' (Ngātai, 1903, para. 13 & 24). Brother of Te Wairoa (Smith, GBPP, 1864, p. 63).

In 2014 a representation of Te Wano was carved on one of the Tōtara Tree Pou at the Gate Pa battlesite:

Right Tōtara Tree Pou: Te Wano



Cenotaph Record.

Ngātai (1903, para. 13 & 24).

Smith (GBPP, 1864, p. 63).

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Te Wano (?-1864)

First Names:Te
Last Name:Wano
Military Service:New Zealand Wars