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Many thanks to Peter Hodge who kindly recorded the entrants in the Battle of Gate Pā Poetry Competition (2014) at 4Winds Recording Studio in Oropi, Tauranga.

  1. Desist by Deryn Pittar (read by Deryn Pittar) 3'05"
  2. Woman/Wāhine (Tauranga, 29 April 1864) by Debbie McCauley (read by Debbie McCauley) 3'41"
  3. Hindsight by Peter Hodge (read by Peter Hodge) 1'44"
  4. Poterwhiri Pa by Patricia Brooks (read by Patricia Brooks) 1'47"
  5. Now and Then by Emily McCarthy (read by Emily McCarthy) 2'18"
  6. The Land by Peter Hodge (read by Peter Hodge)  37"
  7. I am Gate Pa by Gwyneth Jones (read by Charlie Archer) 2'58"
  8. The Battle of Gate Pa by Courtney Beehre (read by Maia McCauley) 1'12"
  9. Memories by Sarah Kolver (read by Sophie McCauley) 2'15"
  10. Pipe Dreams by Lana Te Wiata-Wright (read by Peter Hodge, Sophie McCauley & Charlie Archer) 3'31"
  11. The Battle of Gate Pa by Pete Donnelly (read by Annie Rae Te Ake Ake) 1'52"
  12. To the Victor the Spoils? by Kim Audas (read by Charlie Archer) 1'56"
  13. A Simple Act by Margaret Jenner (read by Annie Rae Te Ake Ake) 3'20"
  14. The Killing Fields of Gate Pa by Keith Kolver (read by Charlie Archer) 2'33"
  15. Gate Pa by Denelle Croucher (read by Peter Hodge) 1'40"
  16. British vs the Maori by Hannah Audas (read by Sophie McCauley) 2'21"
  17. Waiata by Peter Hodge (read by Annie Rae Te Ake Ake) 2'14"
  18. Fiery Coals by Suzannah Newton (read by Charlie Archer) 2'07"
  19. Kia u! The Ghosts of Gate Pa by Buddy Mikaere (read by Annie Rae Te Ake Ake) 5'48"
  20. I Hear Thunder by Debbie McCauley (sung by Sophie McCauley and Marion Arts) 4'32"
Title: Battle of Gate Pa Poetry 2014
Organiser: Buddy Mikaere

Recorded, mixed and produced by: Peter Hodge at 4Winds Recording Studio for, Oropi, Tauranga, New Zealand
Cover photograph: Moana Bianchin - Yellow Admiral (Kahu Kōwhai) on Gate Pā Tomokanga
Cover design: Peter Hodge
Sponsor: Eves Real Estate
Copies: $20 from Peter Hodge (07) 543 1478 or email
©Pukehinahina Charitable Trust

[reproduced here with permission]

Battle of Gate Pā Commemoration (29 April 2014) by Moana Bianchin

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Battle of Gate Pa Poetry 2014 (CD)