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Heni heard the soldier’s cry,
so bearing a half-full nail can
she’d found unexpectedly
she ventured out cautiously
round smashed-in trenches
broken palisades and flesh
to aid this enemy
who cried aloud for water
in the dark
She bent
and helped him drink.
He thanked and blessed her,
when several other thirsty men
crawled near
she left the can
within their reach
and slowly started back
across the ravaged hill-top pa
towards the safety of her friends.
But one man called to her –
“Tell me, wahine,
about this nail can of water.
Is it from the Carpenter?
The Carpenter of Nazareth?
Who long ago, when dying,
also cried for water in the dark?”
Heni paused in thought,
and then replied.
“Ae. The same.
A gift from Him.
His koha, left with aroha
-and given in his name.”
And satisfied
with word and deed
she made her way to safety
in the dark.

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The Nail Can at Gate Pā by Don Campbell