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A15: Pukehinahina & Te Ranga by Desirée Osterman is a diptych, horizontal, encaustic on board entered into the adults division of the Battles of Gate Pā/Te Ranga Art Competition (2014). Sale price $1,500.

A15: Pukehinahina & Te Ranga by Desirée Osterman SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA 

Medium: Horizontality

Materials: Beeswax, Paraffin, Damar Resin, Oil, Dirt, Wool, Acrylic, Wood, Glue, Screws

450 x 980 x 48mm

450 x 980 x 48mm

These two panels represent the great battles fought at Pukehinahina on the 29th of April 1864, and at Te Ranga on the 21st of June 1864.

In the first panel (left) 1700 British soldiers are represented with blue wool some covered in wax, oil and dirt, illustrating the wet and muddy conditions of the battle and 230 Maori warriors are entrenched into the ground of the artwork, drilled and sealed in wax, dirt and oil.

In the second panel 600 British troops and 600 Maori warriors are present, few trenches had been made, Maori warriors headed south following the battle into the rugged forest of Pyes Pa (top-right).

About the Artist: Desirée lives in the Welcome Bay hills in Tauranga with her two son’s Ben and Taylor. She is a practicing Artist and also studying an Advanced Course of Art and Creativity Level 7 with The International Art and Creativity School TLC Wellington. She is interested in Late Gothic and Early Renaissance Art and also the relationship between the first Masters of Fine Art and Contemporary Post-post Modern Art. Her medium is horizontality, not pertaining to any discipline in particular. Much of her work has been sold or donated locally over the past ten years.

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A15: Pukehinahina & Te Ranga by Desirée Osterman