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Hone (John) McLeod Taipari was present at the Battles of Gate Pa and Te Ranga in 1864. He was the nephew of Maungatapu Pa chief and Treaty of Waitangi signatory Nuka Taipari (c.1800-1863).

An army chaplain wrote in 1865, "After their capture they were sent to Wellington in a man-of-war, but the authorities there refused to recieve them, and they were brought back to Tauranga, where they have remained ever since. We were particularly struck with the appearance of one of them, a half-caste of the name of Macleod. His symmetry was as perfect as that of a Greek statue, and yet he was an unmitigated savage. His father, one of those roving Soctchmen who are to be found in every country, had perished in a small trading schookner, his own property, which had been wrecked on the coast, leaving his son to be brought up by his mother's tgribe. It was only in complexion, features, and physical proportions that he differed from them, in everything else he was a Maori" (Boy's Own, c1865, p. 108)

'A very large tangi, which is expected to last for some weeks, is being held at the Maungatapu Settlement over the remains of the late Maori chief, Taipari, better known as Johnnie McLeod. Hundreds of natives are present from all parts of the district, eighty odd being carried by special-train from Te Puke yesterday. The deceased chief was a halfcaste, about 70 years of age, and in his younger days fought against the British at Gate Pa and Te Ranga. Later, he joined the British in pursuit of Te Kooti, and received a medal and a pension from the Government' (Te Puke Times, 8 February 1916, p. 2).

The death occurred at Maungatapu settlement at noon the other day of the Ngaiterangi chief, Taipari, known to the Europeans as Johnnie McLeod (says the Bay of Plenty Times). Deceased was a half-caste, being born at Maungatapu about 70 years ago, and resided in that district up till his death. He fought. against the British forces at Gate Pa and Te Ranga, but later joined the British and participated in the pursuit of To Kooti, receiving a medal and a pension from the Government in recognition of his services. He weilded considerable influence with the Natives, and, being a fine orator, was selected by the local Maoris to represent them on innumerable occasions at conferences in various parts of the dominion. He took a keen interest in politics, and was a supporter of Dr Pomare, the sitting member for the Western Maori district. lie was a member of the Tauranga Maori Council for many years, and filled the position of chairman for six a years. (Otago Daily Times, 9 February 1916, p. 5).



A trip to Tauranga (Boy's own magazine): Contains two stories entitled A trip to Tauranga by an army chaplain dated c. 1865. (p. 107)

Otago Daily Times (9 February 1916, p. 5).

Te Puke Times (8 February 1916, p. 2).

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Hone McLeod Taipari (1841-1916)

First Names:Hone McLeod
Last Name:Taipari
Date of Birth:1841
Place of Birth:Maungatapu, Tauranga
Country of birth:New Zealand
Date of death:1 February 1916
Place of death:Maungatapu, Tauranga
Place of burial:Tauranga, New Zealand
Fathers name:John McLeod
Fathers place of birth:Scotland
Mothers name:Wikitoria Taipari
Military Service:New Zealand Wars