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The memorial to the fallen of the battle of Gate Pa should not be just for those men, but for those Maoris and Pakehas who had died in wars since, Mr T. R. Te Kani, chairman of the Maori Executive, said at the unveiling of the Gate Pa Memorial yesterday afternoon. This article appeared in the Bay of Plenty Times on Thursday, 30 April 1964, and is reproduced here with their permission.

"We have an old saying - 'The living are always in the vicinity of the dead' - and that is why at gatherings like this the dead are honoured," he said.

He said the Maoris applauded the choice of the Chief Justice, Sir Harold Barrowclough, as the man to unveil the memorial.

"It is fitting that he, as a great warrior, should unveil a memorial to the Maori and Pakeha warriors of Gate Pa," said Mr Te Kani.

He said he intended to finish his speech in Maori.

"It was the first language spoken on this hill," said Mr Te Kani. "And according to the records of the battle it was also the last language spoken here."

Before Mr Te Kani finished his speech Mr H. Tuwhangai gave a traditional Maori chant of blessing.

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