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The chivalrous conduct of the Maoris in the Battle of Gate Pa will live on for ever and ever for, at this conflict, rules of conduct were laid down by the Maoris, accepted by all, and kept, said the Mayor of Tauranga, Mr Mitchell. This article appeared in the Bay of Plenty Times on Monday, 27 April 1964, and is reproduced here with their permission.

"They believed that, by battle, they were fighting for their rights and when we look back and view the circumstances leading up to the armed conflict, we have no reason to condemn their action.

Armed conflict never has settled rights or wrongs and so we look back upon 100 years of peace and, with that peace with the Maoris, toleration and understanding.

As time marches on we hope for equality and justice, that none will suffer but, in harmony, develop New Zealand into a greater land.

It is the future we look to - the past is lost. We look to our children expecting that they will grow side by side with the ideal of service for everyone without discrimination of race or religion.

With the memorial at Gate Pa we will always think, and hope, that those who fought at this battle - and those who gave their lives - if they could return to this land of ours, would look with favour now on our way of life.

Oh, God; that men would see a little clearer,

Or judge less harshly where they cannot see;

Oh, God; that men would draw a little nearer

To one another, they'd be nearer Thee,

And understood."

- Mr Mitchell

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