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Captain Charles Reginald Mure was one of those killed during the Battle of Gate Pa on 29 April 1864.

Charles Reginald Mure was born on 9 May 1833. He was the son of Colonel William and Laura Mure (nee Markham) who married on 7 February 1825. He was aged 31 when he was killed during the Battle of Gate Pa on 29 April 1864.

The Daily Southern Cross reported on 3 May 1864:

Captain Charles Reginald Mure entered the 43rd Regiment as an ensign on the 16th August, 1850; he obtained his lieutenancy on the 29th July, 1853, and his captaincy on the 8th January, 1856. He served with the 43rd Light Infantry in the Kaffir war of 1851 and 1853, for which he received a medal. Ho served also in the Crimea from the 29th July to the 29th September, 1855, as Aide-de-Camp to Major-General Markham. He received a medal and clasp for Sebastopol, 5th class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal.


Daily Southern Cross (3 May 1864, p. 3).

The Gentleman's Magazine (Vol II, 1864).

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Charles Reginald Mure (1833-1864)

First Names:Charles Reginald
Last Name:Mure
Date of Birth:9 May 1833
Date of death:29 April 1864
Place of death:Gate Pa, Tauranga, New Zealand
Fathers name:William Mure
Fathers date of birth:9 July 1799
Fathers date of death:1 April 1860
Mothers name:Laura Markham
Mothers date of birth:1804
Mothers date of death:7 March 1876
Name of sibilings:William Mure, Laura Elizabeth Mure, Anne Clementina Mure, Emma Mure, and James Mure