Battle of Te Ranga re-enactment (21 June 2014)

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Battle of Te Ranga re-enactment (21 June 2014).


On 21 June 1864, seven weeks following the Battle of Gate Pa, Colonel Henry Harpur Greer led a successful attack on a pa that was under construction at Te Ranga, some 6 kilometres south of Gate Pa. This time is was Maori who sustained heavy losses with at least 140 men killed and 37 wounded taken prisoner. Of the British troops, 13 were killed and 39 wounded. Perhaps the most influential Maori leader, Rawiri Puhirake, was killed during this encounter. When Henare Taratoa’s body was found he still carried in his pocket a piece of paper bearing the rules of conduct. The sesquicentennial of the Battle of Te Ranga was commemorated in Tauranga 150 years after the battle, on 21 June 2014, with over 500 people in attendance. Photograph: Tania Lewis-Rickard.

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