A20: Atawhai by Sophie Evans (2014)

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A20: Atawhai by Sophie Evans (2014).


A20: Atawhai by Sophie Evans was a sculpture/ceramic entry into the adults division of the Battles of Gate Pā/Te Ranga Art Competition in 2014 which was held during the sesquicentennial commemorations. Sophie Evans wrote, "Heni Te Kiri Karamu at risk to her own life gave water to Colonel H.J.P. Booth and several other wounded men. There has been speculation about if in fact this act of kindness took place... In my mind there is no doubt. This piece was sculpted in a gritty clay to give it a rustic look, it is hollow throughout the centre and glazed on the inside to allow water to trickle from Heni Te Kiri Karamu’s hands (this can be fitted with a fountain pump when in a more permanent position)." Photograph © Debbie McCauley (2014).

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