Ihakara Koikoi (?-1864)

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Ihakara Koikoi (?-1864).


Title: Moko; or Maori Tattooing

Author: Major-General Robley

Publication details: Chapman and Hall Limited, 1896, London

Ihakara Koikoi (?-1864). Eldest son of Paraone Koikoi, and the first person killed. Hori Ngatai said: 'The cannonade that morning began just as we were about to eat our meal of potatoes. Our Christian tohunga Ihaka, clad in a white surplice, was standing up in a very conspicuous position invoking a blessing. Just as he uttered the words: ”May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and love of...” a shell from one of the big guns struck him in the waist, and bursting, scattered his body all over the place. Aue (alas), what a sight.' (The Story of Gate Pa, pp. 25-26).

Fig. 127.–Slight tattooing with hair. — (Sketch by Author, 1864.) — Ihaaka, the rebel tohunga — killed at Gate Pa

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