Te Ranga by Bryce Brown

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Te Ranga by Bryce Brown.


A sign beside the road to Rotorua, about four kilometres from Tauranga's Barkes Corner roundabout, marks the entrance to the Te Ranga battle site. In June 1864 soldiers on patrol encountered several hundred Māori fortifying a position south of Gate Pā Pukehinahina. Reinforcements were called for, and an engagement took place at Te Ranga. Although Māori fought bravely the result was a victory for the British troops. The Māori defeat at Te Ranga led to the confiscation of land in the western Bay of Plenty (Te Ranga, 2010, 76 x 152 cm).

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Te Ranga by Bryce Brown

First Names:Bryce
Last Name:Brown
Date of Birth:1971
Place of Birth:Auckland
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.776718,176.12652690000004

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