Heeni Booth by Bryce Brown

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Heeni Booth by Bryce Brown.


Heni Te Kiri Karamu (1840-1933). Also known as: Heni Pore; Jane Russell; Jane Foley. Heni Te Kiri Karamu declared that, being part-European, she was not under the tapu that forbade Māori women to fight in battle and therefore was allowed to stay and fight beside her foster brother Neri at the Battle of Gate Pā. Thirty-four years after the battle Te Kiri Karamu claimed that it was she who gave Booth water. There is a brass plaque to her as a stained glass window at the Memorial Church of St George in Gate Pā. Photo of artwork supplied by Pete Morris.

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Heeni Booth by Bryce Brown

First Names:Heni
Last Name:Te Kiri Karamu
Date of Birth:1840
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.68779749999999,176.16512950000003

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